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Zone 60 Wireless Gaming

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Zone 60 Wireless Gaming
Believe it or not? Sega made a contact with Jungletac to make an official retro console based on this abomination.
Developer: Jungletac
Release Date: 2010
Predecessor: Zone 40 Wireless Gaming
Chintendo Vii
Successor: Zone 100 Wireless Gaming
Wireless Hunting Video Game System
Sega Reactor
Competitors: Nintendo Wii
Generation: Seventh generation

Zone 60 Wireless Gaming, or Zone 60 for short, is a sequel to the Zone 60 and contained 60 games, rather than its older brother, the Zone 40, which contained 40 games. Unlike the Zone 40, the Zone 60 contained vibration in the controllers (with a switch that you could turn off).

Why it Flopped

  1. This system is VERY similar to the Wireless60. From the vibration system that is triggered whenever the controller was being moved/shaken, to the controller attachments that resemble a golf club, a baseball bat, and a tennis racket. While some of the games have changed graphics, the controllers and consoles are different, and there are very minor changes to the game selection, the two are very similar either way. It even says in the manual, like the Wireless60, it is not meant to compete with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.
  2. The system used the same infrared technology as other ripoff systems also with the same fake motion controls. The console's mold was reused for many other ripoff systems including the Reactor Interactive Wireless Gaming System, the Yeno TV Game Console, and more.
  3. There were two versions: The American, "Metallic Edition" which is very easy to find, and the rare International White edition which is very hard to find. The prototype for the controllers featured speakers on the controllers (as shown on the box) but were not on the finished console. Most of its games were just as bad as other ripoff console games.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The aforementioned American editions of the console have a few games that are surprisingly decent, including the shoot'em up games and the fishing game
  2. The controller felt good to hold and the buttons were decent (however the controller used infrared signals to register button inputs, which ruined it)


Due to the features of the system, it wasn't as bad as the Zone 40, but still not good.



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