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Zombitatos: The End of the PC Master Race

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Zombitatos: The End of the PC Master Race
Valve officially abandoned quality control when they published this game TWICE.
Genre(s): Adventure
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: September 11, 2016 (original)
August 29, 2017 (re-release)
Engine: Clickteam Engine
Developer(s): BMC Studio
Publisher(s): BMC Studio
Series: Zombitatos

Zombitatos: The End of the PC Master Race is an adventure game developed by BMC Studio. It was released for Microsoft Windows via Steam. The game was released twice.


Valve released Half-Life 3 and it was so good it turned PC gamers into zombies, then Gabe Newell's floating head saves the day with a Steam sale.

Why It's Not Half-Life 3

  1. This is not a video game. It is nothing but home-made video "cutscenes" made by a bunch of teenagers with ZERO gameplay.
  2. Unfunny non-joke moments.
  3. A stupid plot that makes absolutely no sense.
  4. Chapter 1 is a point-and-click game with almost nothing to click at, but Chapter 2 suddenly switches to just a few multiple-choice questions.
  5. The home-made videos are incredibly low-quality. The two teens don't even try to act and never bother to do any second takes or edit any mistakes. You'll often see the "actors" laugh on-screen at what they're doing.
  6. You can't skip the cutscenes.
  7. Jack (the short-haired teenager) talks in a mono-tone whispered voice and never reacts to anything.
  8. John (the long-haired teenager) can't go a single shot without a big cringe-inducing grin.
  9. In Chapter 1, Jack watches a trailer for another BMC Studio game, The Moonwalking Dead which is supposed to make him think there's a zombie apocalypse, but that Jack himself is in that trailer! The kid was fooled by his own video!
  10. You can clearly hear kids playing in the background when the teens are filming themselves.
  11. Gabe Newell is represented by an ugly drawing.
  12. You don't see a single "zombie" in the entire game. All of the cutscenes feel like kids playing in a school playground. Every time the "characters" die, they just walk off the screen and come back pretending to be dead.
  13. At the end of Chapter 2, the game forces you to give it a positive rating. They also ask you to play again and make different choices, despite the fact that on every choice, only one option doesn't result in a game over.
  14. There is an offensive joke that treats the United States 9/11 terrorist attack like it was a meme (what works as a meme wouldn't always work well in other media).
  15. BMC used Steam Direct to release this home-made video a second time with almost no changes like it was a completely different game. All there is that's new is a few bonus features, and that's it.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Catchy theme song.


  • Although the game was up on Steam Greenlight, it was never actually greenlit. BMCs' other home-made video on Greenlight, The Moonwalking Dead, got greenlit, allowing them to post this instead.



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