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Que Repulzeebo!
Developer: Zeebo Inc.
Release Date: BR: May 25, 2009
MX: November 14, 2009
Competitors: PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Generation: Seventh Generation

The Zeebo was a console developed by Brazilian company Tectoy and Zeebo Inc. It is known to be one of the first consoles not to have physical media games, having just digital purchases, so you don't have to buy loads of physical copies.


  • Box Contents: A Zeebo console, a power supply (which looks more like a cell phone charger), a Boomerang controller, a keyboard, and a Z-Pad controller.
  • Software: Some firmware made by a yard fund company
  • Games: Ports of PlayStation 1 games, and Android games.
  • Hardware: ARM11 / QDSP-5 in Qualcomm MSM SoC running at 528MHz, ATI Imageon (later renamed Adreno) running at 4 million triangles per second, and 1GB eNAND Flash memory.

Why It Flopped

  1. The console and the accessories were made very cheaply, making them pretty easy to break.
  2. It was only sold in Brazil and Mexico, making its production very limited.
  3. Too expensive for Brazilian customers, costing R$499 at launch (around $249 USD). This price is cheap compared to other consoles sold in Brazil, but considering all the downgrades the console had, it wasn't enough. To add insult to injury, it actually had a budget price in Mexico, costing $2000 MXN, which is just US$150 at the time.
    • The console failed so badly that nowadays, it can cost more than $300, if the console has all of the available games, the price will rise a lot.
  4. Very few games. It was released as a gaming solution, but most of the games were Android ports and games from older consoles.
  5. Most of the games had unresponsive controls.
  6. Unappealing console exclusives.
  7. The ports of the PS1 games had worse quality than the original counterparts.
  8. At the time that it was released, the chart was even lower than the Nintendo Wii, thanks to the Qualcomm processor that is a carrion even on Android.
  9. The controllers are very uncomfortable.
  10. After its failure, Tectoy decided to turn the console into an educational toy, which made the situation far worse.
  11. The controllers feel flimsy and cheaply-made.
  12. The console's virtual avatars, the Zeeboids, are rip-offs of the Miis from the vastly-superior Wii.
  13. Since the internet service for the console was shut down, it's impossible to buy or download more games for the console, and until today, no way to hack or modify the console has been found.
  14. The loading screens last 3 minutes or even longer, even for games like Pac-Mania.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. While bad executed, the idea of digital games was something that it would be very popular in 10 years.


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