Xena: Warrior Princess (PS2)

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Xena: Warrior Princess is a PS2 Action, Hack and Slash game developed by Extra Mile Studios (EM Studios) and published by Blast! Entertainment Ltd. and its based on the TV show of the same name. It was released in 2006 in Europe.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ugly graphics that make the game look like it came out on the old PlayStation.
  2. Awful animations.
  3. Terrible title screen that consists just of three Chakrams on a purple background.
  4. You can break a door in one hit with a jar but a sword needs to hit the door several times (because somehow clay jars are stronger than iron or steel)
  5. Wonky hit detection-during the prison level, you can defeat giant spiders and beetles by just punching at thin air.
  6. The developers forgot to remove fall damage when using the super jump potion, so if you do a few wrong jumps, you die.
  7. Oddly enough, you can't attack or be attacked when your enemy is from the other side of a doorway.
  8. Poor sound effects, just like other Blast games.
  9. The music is as horrible as an old Nintendo 64 game.
    • Every time the title screen music loops, another soundtrack will start, until it will be indistinguishable from the original music.
  10. The levels are basically the previous level made harder.
  11. Outdated cutscenes.
  12. Poorly implemented Parkour mechanic that makes nigh-impossible to do an action easy as climbing something like a fenceT.
    • The climbing system is easily the worst thing. Due to the extremely poor collision detection, it's complete random whether you manage to grab on to a ledge or not, and if you don't, you may or may not glitch out and remain floating for a few seconds before falling to the ground and taking damage. If you do manage to grab the ledge, the slightest movement may make you fall down again.
  13. The parchments that serve as a tutorial spawn near every single door, they always spell out the obvious (like to find a super jump potion which is next to you or to repeatedly attack a door to smash it open), they play a loud scream for help every time you find them that will get on your nerves and get annoying rather soon. Some of them are even unreadable since the text is corrupt. One of these corrupted messages is partially readable and advertises PlayStation.
  14. The "Chakram" from the TV series appears in this game as a ranged attack, though it has no aiming reticle (making it extremely hard to aim). Instead, you need to manually guide it to the enemy. Games from 20 years ago knew how to make an aiming reticle for ranged attacks!
    • If your target is too far away, the Chakram will directly return to you as if it was a boomerang instead of falling to the ground.
  15. The Chakram makes an annoying noise. Worst of all, sometimes, due to a game bug, said noise loops for a long time after putting away the Chakram.
  16. Weird animations -for instance, upon killing an enemy with the Chakram, it will become blue and then fall to the ground while his head will disappear.
  17. When you have to move boulders, you'll often run into poorly placed checkpoints that you will have to circle around, which can be a serious problem considering the poor controls and the checkpoints'terrible hit detection.
  18. The game allows you to jump indefinitely without any recovery time, which allows you to completely skip fights.
  19. Terrible ending. After defeating the final boss, it cuts to the antagonist kneeling before Xena while vowing for revenge (all of this without saying a single word), and then the game cuts to the title screen.