Xena: Warrior Princess (2006)

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Xena: Warror Princess
The first time you pick up a license to a legendary fantasy TV show, you become a target. And the moment you ruin the entire game...everything changes. Everything.
Genre(s): Action
Hack and Slash
Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Release: EU: December 12, 2006
AU: January 15, 2007
Developer(s): Extra Mile Studios
Publisher(s): Blast! Entertainment

Xena: Warrior Princess is a 2006 video game developed by Extra Mile Studios and published by Blast! Entertainment in Europe and Australia. The game is based on the TV show of the same name.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ugly graphics that make the game look like it came out on the old PlayStation. In fact, there was a Xena game on PS1 which looks better then this.
  2. Awful animations.
  3. Poor sound effects, just like other Blast games.
    • The voices are compressed like if they were recorded on an old Nokia phone, even for PS2 standards.
  4. The music is as horrible.
    • Every time the title screen music loops, another soundtrack will start, until it will be indistinguishable from the original music.
  5. Outdated cutscenes.
  6. For some reason, the rooms are treated as completely different areas, while the enemies are set to stay within the boundaries of a specific area. For this reason, simple doorways separating one room from another will be treated as invisible walls by the enemies, who will stop dead in their tracks upon reaching the point when one room begins and the other ends.
    • For this reason, weapons can't hurt you when you are in an area different from the enemy's, resulting in you being able to take no damage.
  7. The platforming segments are incredibly frustrating and come up at the worst possible times.
    • What ruins the game's platforming is the shoddy collision detection, which causes the player to fall through platforms and fail to grab on ledges that would pose no problem otherwise. When grabbing a ledge, the game frequently glitches and causes Xena to fall into the wall.
  8. When you have to move boulders, you'll often run into poorly placed checkpoints that you have to circle around, which can be a serious problem considering the poor controls and the checkpoints' terrible hit detection.
  9. The game allows you to jump indefinitely without any recovery time, which allows you to completely skip fights.
  10. The commands to punch and kick and to push blocks are mapped to the same button, and the horrible hit detection will often activate the wrong command, leading to many frustrating segments.
  11. The parchments that serve as a tutorial appear in every other room, include a screaming voice clip that will get on the player's nerves very quickly, and remove any challenge from the game, since they outright tell you how to cross obstacles.
  12. The final stretch of the game is incredibly frustrating. Because the game runs on a timer, chances are the player will have little time left, and will be encouraged to rush straight to the end, even though this directly clashes with the very way the game is designed.
    • Platforming segments are more frequent and involve progressively smaller platforms where the collision detection shows the worst of itself, and will often cause you to miss otherwise pathetically easy jumps.
      • Many of these platforming segments also involve using the high jump powerup to travel across wider gaps. Despite this, actually using the powerup will cause you to take fall damage when you jump, thus a few mistakes will be enough to kill you.
    • Enemies often travel in groups and take many hits to kill, meaning that it's far easier to just skip fights entirely.
      • Ranged enemies that need to be taken out with the Chakram are also more frequent. This forces the player to comply with the Chakram's horrible controls just to progress.
    • If you are killed, you will respawn either in the prison or at the last checkpoint, both of which are usually located very far away, forcing you to trek all the way back to where you died.
    • Boulders must be carried across very long distances, which forces the player to deal with the horrible collision detection.
    • The tutorial parchments are incredibly frequent and annoying, since they actually obscure your view for a few seconds of time.



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