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Xbox Elite Series Controllers

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Can't you believe that these controllers were $150 each? Not worth it when they are cheaply made. This could lead to the gamer raging.

The Xbox Elite controllers are a controller series oriented to "elite gamers" with some extra features, like swappable thumbsticks and D-pad, extra buttons, configurable profiles and an internal battery (in the case of the Elite 2 controller). However, the Elite series controllers are infamous for their cheap build quality and many other issues.


  1. While the Elite 1 controller has swappable batteries, the Elite 2 features an unswappable internal battery.
  2. The Elite 2 controller has Bluetooth support.
  3. The Elite 2 also includes a tension control key and a magnetic charging dock in the controller box.
  4. Elite 1 controller doesn't feature the rubber grips.
    • In addition, the Elite 1 controller has 2 configuration profiles, while the Elite 2 has 3.

Why They're Not Elite

  1. False advertising: The controller was announced as a tough and high-quality controller, but in reality, it is extremely flawed and has many issues.
  2. Both of the controllers are of extremely poor quality and can break very easily after only a few uses or within weeks of owning it:
    • Thumbsticks will often drift to the sides, even if you try to center them.
    • Sometimes the thumbsticks can click and stick or even get stuck.
    • The bumpers and shoulder buttons feel really cheap to the touch.
    • A lot of pieces can get loose or even fall off, like the rubber grips, the thumbsticks and the bumpers.
    • The D-pad is very unresponsive.
    • The buttons have a considerable input lag and they can get very sticky.
    • The rubber can often peel off or bubble, even if you don't give it an intense usage.
  3. The extra paddle buttons can feel uncomfortable for some people.
  4. Sometimes the controller can get disconnected for no apparent reason.
  5. Despite the poor quality, the first Elite controller was absurdly overpriced, as it was sold for $150, half of what the Xbox One costs.
  6. Microsoft only offers a 90-day warranty, which is very short for a controller. Even more damning, some users reported that they never received support from Microsoft.
  7. The Elite 2 controller didn't solve most of the previously mentioned issues, and it's even more expensive, costing $180.
    • Speaking of the Elite 2, it now has an internal battery than can only last up to 40 hours. That sounds fine but considering the Wii U Pro controller's battery life can last up to 80 hours, this is honestly really pathetic, especially for it's aformentioned price.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Just like the original Xbox One controller, the design is great and the grip is really comfortable and ergonomic.
  2. You can change the thumbsticks and the D-pad.
  3. The Elite 2's internal battery is a nice alternative to the Elite 1's removable batteries.



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