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In spite of the name, they are not experts.
Genre(s): Side-scrolling
Platform(s): Sega Genesis
Release: 1996
Developer(s): Abalone
Publisher(s): Sega

X-Perts is an adventure beat-em-up game, developed by Abalone and published by Sega in 1996, exclusively for the Sega Genesis. It's a spin-off of Eternal Champions and features the flagship character of that game, Shadow Yamoto. It was also one of the last games ever released for the console.

Not only that, it is considered one of the most hated games in the console's library.


The game's plot is based on an alternate timeline in which Shadow Yamoto was not killed by the Black Orchid in 1993. Instead, she formed a vigilante group. In the game, a group of terrorists took over an undersea weapons factory. Unless the United Nations give in to their demands, the terrorists will detonate a thermonuclear device that will destroy Earth. Shadow and the X-Perts embark on a mission to avert the crisis.

Why They Aren't Experts At All

  1. The game has no music, besides the title screen. The "music" in the game barely counts as music, and in some places, there is no music at all.
  2. The sound effects are also cheap and unsatisfying. They are also extremely repetitive, and the enemies give a really stupid scream when they die.
  3. The voice that tells you the status of your characters and missions, can become annoying over time too, and it never stops talking with the same monotonous voice, giving Skylar[1] from Cybermorph a run for its money.
  4. The graphics are terrible, despite its ambition. The pre-rendered characters look dreadful and they have stiff animations, and the enemies aren't better with lame designs.
  5. The combat reeks of problems:
    • When you're in combat, the movement becomes sluggish and unresponsive.
    • When you pull off moves by pressing D-Pad in combination with other buttons, they aren't very responsive, so you might as well use your normal moves.
    • If you play as Shadow, attacking becomes more unresponsive than usual.
    • You have a gun to attack, but you cannot use your gun while moving, plus you have really limited ammo, and you cannot get more.
    • You have a torture attack to interrogate enemies, but it rarely works.
    • There are only 4 types of enemies in the game: female terrorists with guns, male terrorists with guns, terrorists with machine guns, and mobile turrets; there are no bosses in the game at all.
    • The first 3 types of enemies are almost the same, and their A.I. is really mediocre: they barely attack and are too easy to defeat.
    • The mobile turrets are annoying and they constantly cheapshot you without a way to dodge them.
    • The hit detection is not very good at all.
    • Overall, the combat is far too easy to be satisfying or enjoyable, the only exceptions are the mobile turrets.
  6. The game has you doing missions and fighting enemies in an aquatic fortress with 9 levels (floors), all in east and west wings, with the ability to controlling your 3 characters in real-time and switching between them at any moments; and while it is an interesting concept, it has some severe problems:
    • The combat, as established in #WIS5.
    • The missions make Godzilla on the PS4 look like it has a lot of variety, because IT IS LITERALLY, THE EXACT SAME MISSION OVER AND OVER. And guess what? It's just getting to a computer and let your character operate it.
    • Operating the computers can last for a while, which forces you to change character while the other is operating it, this can be incredibly tedious.
    • You can make your characters go to certain places, but the A.I. will not always obey you.
    • The objectives can be really cryptic sometimes.
    • The elevator that you need to go to different levels can screw you, as it can take way too long to get to your destination.
    • There are specific objectives that can give you a bad ending/game over if you fail.
    • There is a 2-hour time limit, which of course the game never tells you.
  7. The characters, except Shadow, are pretty lame and generic.
  8. There are no ways to save the game.
  9. The good ending is barely different from the bad ending, the only difference is that in the good ending, you get in an escape shuttle before the base explodes, after that it just returns to the title screen without any credits at all.
  10. Despite being a spin-off of Eternal Champions, there aren't any references to that game at all.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The concept is very interesting and ambitious for the Genesis/Mega Drive.



  1. The floating green head that always says "Where did you learn to fly?" in Cybermorph.


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