Worms World Party (GBA)

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Worms World Party (GBA)
While Worms World Party is an excellent game, this game is the opposite.
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: Gameboy Advance
Release Date: October 29, 2002
Developer: Team17
Publisher: Ubisoft
Franchise: Worms

Worms World Party (or WWP) is a turn-based military strategy video game in the Worms series developed by Team17 and published in 2001. It is the seventh video game in the Worms series, and the last to use two-dimensional graphics before the series switched to all three dimensions, starting with Worms 3D. While it is a good game, the GBA version is not good.


Each player controls a team of worms that are armed to the teeth with bazookas, grenades, explosive sheep, and assorted other weapons. You take turns moving your worms and using them to attack the other players' worms. The configuration of the terrain and the position of the worms is random, but there are many other strategic elements that make the game interesting. You have to aim your guns and set their acceleration before firing, which adds a touch of skill to the task of throwing grenades and launching missiles. The whole environment is interactive. You can use your weapons to clear obstructions or to create makeshift pits to hide. Alternatively, you have a limited number of tools, such as a torch, beam, and bungee cord, that allow you to create your own unique paths and shields.

Bad Qualities

  1. Physics leaves a lot to be desired, with worms that rarely bounce off walls,baseball bat just doesn't work and of all the weapons, the rope is worth noting, since it is really badly adapted. Forget swinging around the map, the rope hardly gives maneuverability.On the other hand, the jumps, especially the back somersault (one of the four possible), have a considerable amplitude, and it will be rare that we find real difficulties to get close to the rival.
  2. The worms do not have a "Hitbox" so the bullets go through them, even if your worms cannot, thus giving you more possibilities in the game. The wind is also quite annoying and is very well done, since it is quite annoying if your enemy is in the opposite side to the wind
  3. Although the graphics are a passable recreation, they have some serious problems, but a lot of animations are missing and the worms lack personality and they stay static as if they want an explosive to kill them as soon as possible, besides what there are frame drops per second often, slowness and some graphic glitches interface, such as the percentage of life flying around the map.
  4. The images and audio do not reach the same quality standard that you will find in similar games. In fact, Worms World Party on the Gameboy Advance performs less graphically than the original PC version that was released nearly eight years ago.
  5. The soundtrack as it should be catchy and fit into the environment, but here it is simply mediocre and it's a total degeneration compared to the other Worms games, as it only consists of high-pitched noises that have no rhythm and can hardly be called music,fortunately the music can be disabled in the options menu.
  6. If you do not have a friend to play with, forget about the quick game mode because the CPU is on the verge of being silly and pathetic, since half the time its turns are spent or it stands still doing absolutely nothing, Even when you have a direct line of attack, you don't know what to do and you crash, the multiplayer CPU is slightly more challenging with your best aim, but it makes the same mistakes and you can win many games until the game gets boring.
  7. The backgrounds are not very colorful and the various character animations are relatively short. There are a lot of facial gestures and body movements associated with the various attack and death scenes, but they are not as smooth as they could be for a game like this.
  8. Multiplayer supports up to four players on a single system, which is fine as the game is turn-based, but multiplayer matches are nothing more than fights to the death with adjustable weapons and prize settings.
  9. Mission mode is a good idea that it just doesn't run completely. They give you a small number of items and a short time limit to collect a specific number of boxes or kill a single enemy. This concept transforms Worms World Party into a puzzle game, but in the end not for long.

Good Qualities

  1. Deathmatch mode is acceptable, as you gain access to the full 56-item game toolbox gradually, with teams increasing in difficulty after each successive victory.
  2. The wide variety of voice comments worms make when they kill or meet their disappearance are decent, even though they were recorded somewhat wrongly.
  3. It's great in design, and the attack animations of each of the worms, along with their death cries, reward you with a sense of humorous satisfaction after each turn.
  4. The game is carefully designed and is fun to play. It's a somewhat passable strategy game, even if it doesn't look as good, sound as good, or have the same amount of features as other games in the genre.


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