Worms: A Space Oddity (Wii)

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Worms: A Space Oddity (Wii)
It's not the worst game in the saga, but it's still not such an interesting space experience.
Genre: Artillery
Platforms: Nintendo Wii
Release Date: Nintendo Wii
NA: March 18, 2008
AU: March 27, 2008
EU: March 28, 2008

WW: May 2008
Developer: Team17
Mnemonic Studios (Mobile)
Publisher: THQ
THQ Wireless (Mobile)
Made in: United Kingdom
Franchise: Worms
Previous Game: Worms Fort 3D (by release date; mobile game)
Worms: Open Warfare 2 (by release date; console game)
Next Game: Worms 2: Armageddon (by release date)

Worms: A Space Oddity (on J2ME known as Worms 2008: A Space Oddity) is an artillery turn-based strategy game developed by Team17 and published by THQ for the Nintendo Wii on March 2008. Two months later, the Mobile version has been released, being developed by Mnemonic Studios and published by THQ Wireless, the subsidiary of THQ, which published mobile games. This is the first game in the series to be released on the Wii, and is also the only space-themed Worms game.

The page mainly covers the Wii version.


The gameplay by default remains the same as in previous Worms games, only A Space Oddity uses gesture based controls which allow players to launch various attacks.To attack the enemy worms we must aim with the directional button of our controller, both to place our character in the place where we want him to carry out the attack and to estimate the direction of the attack. Once this is done and after having estimated the power of the throw, it only remains to shake the command forward and briskly to execute the blow.The attack mechanics can vary depending on the weapon. For example, to attack with guided missiles we will point directly on the screen where we want the element to hit. Depending on the distance where the impact occurs, depending on the distance with the subject, the health points to the rivals will decrease more lightly, as if it were a role-playing game. The objective is to leave the rivals with zero health points so that they give up and self-destruct, leaving their consequent grave in the mapping. Obviously, we will win if we leave the rival team without any cash.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem with Worms games is the weapon choice is underwhelming, and A Space Oddity is no exception. The entire arsenal comprises a mere 10 full-bore weapons and seven tools. While some of them are great fun (the drop ship will bring back happy memories of the concrete donkey to experienced players), as battles go on, it's hard not to wish for the variety of attacking options available in previous Worms games. Worms World Party on the PC, for example, had more than 50 weapons available. Many of the weapons in A Space Oddity will be recognizable to fans of the series, regardless of the fact that they've been nicely reworked in keeping with the game's sci-fi theme. Despite the fact that the arsenal is not too wide, it is not something that makes a dent in the final result of the adventure mode.Although being stuck with essentially just varying of rockets and bombs in addition to a couple of oddly placed extremely broken attacks it's disappointing.
  2. Although most weapons work decently, the boxing glove works mediocrely, the problem is that doesn't feature a visible power gauge, making some of the puzzle based levels harder much more frustrating.
  3. On the downside, controlling the camera can be frustrating because you have to hold the + button and move the Wii Remote to pan. The result is a camera that doesn't move smoothly, which can be especially irritating in "Pro" games where turn times are fairly short.
  4. One of the most unforgivable defects that the game brings with it is the absence of online mode. At this point and above all, in a title of this caliber, there is no excuse to justify the lack of a multiplayer mode through the network. Especially if we take into account that the downloadable version that appeared on Xbox Live Arcade included an online section for up to four players simultaneously.Not everything's perfect this time around though, as Worms: A Space Oddity isn't the final product that was originally promised. In the first interview with the game's designers, online was a huge part of the mix; players could supposedly use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to link up with friends or random players and upload, share, and play with created levels online. There were even specific details as to how this would work, with the ability to add random players to your friends list on the fly, WiiConnect24 support for additional content downloads via Team17 directly, and online team battle with up to four players. Unfortunately, none of that made it into the game, and only local multiplayer remains. This was the case with the first Open Warefare on DS as well, missing online until the second wave of releases, but the lack of online in this first effort is still a huge letdown, especially after players were told outright that it would be included.
  5. Six mini-games have also been included to make use of the Wiimote and extend the life of the title a little more. Cavernia, Tenticlia, Frostal, Kaputzol, Mechanopolis and Earth. The objective in these will vary from driving a spaceship to the goal without being knocked down by obstacles, returning fuel to the tanks before time runs out or shooting aliens in the purest "Space Invaders" style. The downside is that the six games will not be available from the beginning and will have to be unlocked in the order mentioned above.
  6. Another one of the essential problems is the length of the game,the story mode only contains 36 levels,30 when you take out the mediocre minigames levels,this is simply too short for this kind of game,why not include hundred levels?,it's just disappointing the short duration of adventure mode.
  7. Visually, the game simply delivers, although the scenarios leave us feeling quite bland and cold despite the fact that they have a great variety of tones. Although Wii can give more of itself, it really is the least important.
  8. For its part, the sound section goes practically unnoticed, highlighting only the explosions, onomatopoeia and some small insult made by our friendly pinkish characters.
  9. Although the gameplay continues to be the same as in previous games, even so, at this point, a significant change or addition would not hurt, and at the premiere of the Worms on Wii we have not seen any hint of originality almost anywhere.

Good Qualities

  1. Pretty cool and well detailed cover art.
  2. The graphics of the characters and weapons remain quite decent, colorful and creative for a 2D game for the Nintendo Wii.
  3. Colourful environments reflect the worlds they represent--the alien plant life in Tenticlia is a particular highlight. One new twist is that the environments can have a bearing on the outcome of matches. Each world has its own hazards, which must be taken into account during competitive matches. When playing on Earth, for example, UFOs may swoop down and grab a worm, then relocate it elsewhere on the map. Given the lamentable lack of ninja ropes or a select worm option, this displacement can be crucial to the result of the match.
  4. Decent control scheme, in particular, using the Wiimote to launch weapons is satisfying.
  5. Although playing in an online mode is not possible, it has been taken care of the possibility that up to four players simultaneously can participate in the fun battles that the annelids fight through the scenarios. This is the main attraction of the title. The heights of fun achieved with at least one fatigue partner are a utopia in the one-person adventure mode.
  6. The game scheme continues to be the same as always, but with various additions to make the game compatible with the Wiimote, although it is true that the use of the motion sensor is not excessive, its addition is a breath of fresh air.
  7. The theme is decent, in which the worms carry out their adventures in the galaxy, which has been retouched to offer a more humorous name and in keeping with the saga.
  8. Despite the fact that Worms has always been a title focused on the multiplayer section, it has not been wanted to put aside the adventure for a single person, where the main plot focuses on collecting the lost pieces of the spaceship in order to return to earth. In addition, we also have a section to customize games to our liking or edit maps to add terrain or weapons in the way that we please thanks to the available editing tools.
  9. Some of the weapons are as hilarious as they are known to the faithful of the saga. From the typical frag grenades to cluster bombs, jetpacks to move around the stage - pointing at the screen with him selected to go where we want - or explosive sheep are just a few examples. Not forgetting the recurring white flag of surrender.


The game received generally mixed to negative reviews, in Metacritic has a 6.4 Metascore and a 4.3 User Score, a 40 on the part of Gamer.NL, a 60 on the part of Gameplayer and a 75 on the part of GamePro and a 6.7 on the part of Vandal.


  • The game title is a reference to both 2001: A Space Odyssey and David Bowie's song Space Oddity.
  • It was going to have Wi-Fi connection and downloadable content. Team17 later scrapped the idea of network play, with the publisher stating that it would be better if the players were able to taunt each other and play face-to-face.[1]



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