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Wireless Air 60

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Wireless Air 60
WirelessAir60 box.jpg
Developer: Jungletac
Release Date: 2011
Predecessor: Wireless60
Competitors: Nintendo Wii
Xbox Kinect
Generation: Seventh generation
"Oh, hey! Look everybody! It's Shuffleboard! You know, like Curling for older people? Oh, and look! Those wonderful circles and f**king gauges are back again! Hey, pro tip, you game developers out there: if you make 70,000 versions of the exact same game, using the exact same mechanics, it doesn't change shit. This is just Darts, this is just Bowling, this is just everything. The "circle-and-gauge" mechanic is a lazy way to make motion-sensing games 'cause you didn't know how to do motion sensing. This is super f**king lazy! So you know what? I'm not even gonna touch this game, 'cause I know it blows. So why don't you F**K OFF?!"
Shane Luis (Rerez)

The Wireless Air 60 (or WirelessAir60) is a follow-up to the infamous Wireless60 console, made by the same company, JungleTac. While that was a rip-off of the Wii, the Wireless Air 60's design is rip-off of Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's EyeToy.

The funny thing is that the console was actually released right after the Kinect was, while the Kinect was experiencing problems and receiving wild backlash.

Why It Flopped

  1. False advertising: The packaging advertised "innovative" 3D games, but only 4 are 3D and 5 just have 3D effects. The rest look like saturated 2D PS1 games.
  2. The console doesn't actually sense the movements of your body, it actually senses the movement of pixels on certain parts of the screen where you can move your hands. This is incredibly flawed and can glitch often.
  3. The games are largely ports of the games on the Wireless60, with the same boring and uninteresting gameplay, but with the added challenge of having no controller.
  4. Some games use a crosshair-shifting system to play, which completely defeats the purpose of "motion" controls in the first place.
  5. Awful hit detection and control scheme. This is caused by the fake motion controls.
  6. Some games have a feature to take a picture of you at the end, but it just gets deleted because the system can't save any images even though it says it is "Saving".
  7. Some icons and commands don't even work. For example, in one of the games, the YES button is glitched.
  8. The name of certain games are misleading. For example, there is a game called "Juggling" but only has the net, the field, and soccer balls.


Like the Wireless60, YouTuber Shane Luis of Rerez reviewed it as the Worst Console Ever Made 2. At the end of the review, he tells his viewers to "break, bury, and set on fire" any unit of the console they come across and destroys his own using a hammer.

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