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The one that started it all. At least they admitted that it's bad.
Developer: Jungletac
Release Date: 2009
Predecessor: Vii/JungleTac Wireless
Successor: Wireless Air 60
Zone Wireless Gaming
Wireless Hunting Video Game System
Competitors: Nintendo Wii
Generation: Seventh generation

The Wireless60 (a.k.a. Zone 60) is a Wii rip-off system created by JungleTac that came with 60 games. JungleTac had admitted on the back of the box that Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation consoles were superior but tried to justify that the console was a family console for five-year-old kids.

Why It Flopped

  1. The remote controller for the system is very unresponsive. This is because unlike the original Wii Remote or a wireless controller for Xbox 360 or PS3 that used Bluetooth technology, the remote for the Wireless60 uses infrared technology similar to a television remote. The sensors are on the sides, front, and back of the remote, where one would think to put their hands.
  2. The "motion controls" act as another way of pushing a button, rather than properly sensing movement.
  3. Like the Intec Interact, the games are unoriginal and could be found on earlier consoles like the NES.
  4. Dull graphics similar to SNES or Sega Genesis graphics, but still inferior.
  5. Generic uninspired games with dull gameplay.
  6. Some assets are taken directly from other games and even Disney movies.
    • The music for Dream Bubble is the main theme for Balloon Fight.
    • The race track in Auto X resembles Shy Guy Beach from Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
    • The main character of Hero Legend is a clone of Red Link from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (GBA Version).
    • The main character of Mr. Onion resembles Pac-Man, and the damsel-in-distress is basically a female Kirby.
    • The main character of Pop Ball is a slightly recolored Ness from Earthbound.
    • The main character in Hot Drop is a recolored Mr. Frosty from the Kirby games. The same game also steals the tank sprite from Metal Slug.
    • Bunearys are enemies in Ice Climber.
    • The main character in Starry Night is literally Flounder from The Little Mermaid.
    • One of the enemies in Go, Smile resembles a Pooka from Dig Dug.
    • The main character in Hay Bales is Duster from Mother 3 and is wearing Donald Duck's clothes.
    • The enemies in Bomb Hero highly resemble Kirby and a yellow Jigglypuff.
    • The colored gems you collect in Treasure Hunt are stolen from Columns Crown.
    • The cat in Ballroom Bonanza resembles Lucifer from Cinderella.
  7. A successor, Wireless Air 60, is released by the same company sometime later, but it also sucks as much as the original; the only major difference between them is that you no longer use controllers; you use your body to play instead.


Like most knock-offs, there was no real advertising. The highest amount of advertising this ever got was when YouTuber Shane Luis of Rerez reviewed it as the Worst Console Ever Made encouraging everyone to tell others not to buy it.



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