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WhackIt Games

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WhackIt Games
These games used to be decent, but now they aren't.
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Adobe Flash
Release: 2004 - 2022
Engine: Unity (most of the newer games)
Publisher(s): Silver Games

Whack It games are games that were made by They are about killing people in various ways, it started in 2004 with "Whack Your Boss" and mostly through 2010 the games were decent. But starting in late-2010 the games started to decrease in quality.

Why It Should Be Whacked

  1. The games have decreased in quality over the years, for example the newer games have silted Flash animation that looks choppy instead of the smooth drawn animation that earlier games had.
  2. On top of the animation, they mostly suffer from animation errors. As some of the layering of the characters will tend to having some of their body parts disappearing mid-animation.
  3. Poor voice acting in the older games, some characters sound bland and are not emotive at all. Most notably in "Whack Your Teacher" in which the teacher says "How dare you." like he was bored instead of yelling.
  4. The later games reuse assets a lot, with various examples.
    • The protagonist in "Whack The Creeps" has later been reused in newer games such as "Whack the Serial Killer"
    • As for the dog in "Whack The Burglars" it was later been reused for newer games.
  5. Bland soundtrack for many of them, as they only play 1 song for the whole game and will loop indefinitely.
  6. They even reskin their games, for example "Whack The Demon" is nothing more than a reskin of "Whack the Serial Killer" with very little changes such as the Serial Killer being changed to the devil and the room had very little change.
  7. Unsurprisingly in late 2022, they decided that it was a good idea to make a NFT game with a company called Fear NFTs. In which NFTs are bad for the environment and are mostly scams.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Many of the older games of the series were actually decent, and had more production value.
  2. Whack Your Computer is the least violent game in the series, as it doesn't involve the player killing anyone.