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Waluigi Game

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Waluigi Game
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Yep! You lose!
Protagonist(s): Waluigi
Genre(s): Platform
Platform(s): Browser
Release: April 16, 2007
Engine: Adobe Flash
Developer(s): alliglu
Publisher(s): alliglu

Waluigi Game is a flash game made by a Newgrounds user alliglu and was published on April 16, 2007 on Newgrounds.


The player controls Waluigi through several levels. Waluigi must avoid Petey Piranha Plants, fires, Boos, and pits in order to win the game. The players starts with 10 lives. If the player loses them all, then the game is over.

Why It Will Make You "Wah!"

  1. For some strange reason, every time you run or jump, it gives you points, which makes absolutely no sense, as in millions of video games, especially Flash ones, running and jumping never gives you points, only if you will collect something or kill an enemy. Waluigi Game literally proves that not every Flash game doesn't give you points by running and even jumping. No matter how many times you will jump or run, you will still receive points, 1 for running, 10 for jumping.
  2. Coins are useless. They only give you points, and they don't even give you a 1-UP if you collect 100 of them. This is similar to Super Mario X, since in Super Mario X, collecting coins doesn't give you a 1-UP if you will collect 100 of them. The only way to get a 1-UP is just a regular way, which is collecting a green mushroom that is a 1-UP mushroom.
  3. Atrocious collision detection. If Waluigi hits something, even before it nearly touches them, you still lose a life, which is very weird. No matter where you will be next to an enemy, you can still die if it slightly touches Waluigi, just to make you lose a life.
  4. Very generic and lazy title screen. It just shows a background from Super Mario Bros. 3, with Waluigi on the bottom left corner of the screen, the title of the game, and just some stuff that lets you play the game, see more games, or somehow download it, and even instructions. Not to mention, the fonts are really generic, especially the font for the intructions.
  5. There's only one track in the entire game, which is the rock remix of the overworld theme from Super Mario World, while it sounds excellent (if catchy), it is ripped right from another flash game "Super Mario Hardcore", which is pretty unoriginal, even for a flash game.
  6. Waluigi's death scream isn't even his own scream from the official Mario games. Instead, his scream in this game is actually Luigi's scream from Mario Kart 64. This is not only just poor, but also confusing, like if Waluigi actually stole Luigi's voice just so he can sound like Luigi instead of himself.
  7. No real ending: The gameplay continues with you in a area where you can't progress anymore and there's a text on screen saying "CONGRATULATIONS WALUIGI!" and several coins to collect. There aren't even any credits at all. Also, there's no way you can restart the game on that screen. You have to right click and press "Play" in order to show the game over screen and restart the game.
  8. Speaking of the game over screen, it's bare-bones. It just pops up a text on screen reading "Yep! You lose!" and there's no music at all. And similiar to the main menu's font, the font in the game over screen is incredibly generic, like if it was an actual font build with Microsoft Windows.
  9. Killing enemies is absolutely impossible to do it. If you jump on them, even on Bullet Bills or Koopa Troopas, you die, meaning 1 life is wasted just for trying to kill an enemy by jumping on them. This is pretty annoying, especially if people played other Mario Flash games where you can kill enemies by jumping on them.
  10. Lackluster death animation. What it shows is not Waluigi falling off the map while a death animation is shown. Instead, it shows Waluigi turning into a pancake shape while vanishing into the air before respawning without any effect at all.
  11. There's a glitch where you can walk through clouds, due to the left sides not being programmed to block Waluigi at all. Instead, Waluigi just passes through them like they were actually behind him, or even available to walk through.
  12. Awkward level design. In some levels, there's falling Boos. This is pretty weird, like if alliglu, the creator of this game actually ran out of ideas which things should fall to try to kill Waluigi, so he came up with Boos instead of different types of enemies, like Thwomps for example.
    • And on top of that, some of the levels are pretty rage inducing. For example, there's a level where clouds disappear and appear randomly, and you have to be careful to not fall into the pit if you don't want to lose a life.
  13. Ridiculous physics, especially when jumping over enemies. When Waluigi falls, he just falls slowly, but if he jumps off the block/platform where he's standing on it, he falls faster, which is another thing that's pretty weird.
  14. Poor gameplay. All you do in the game is just move and avoid enemies, and then go to the pipe to progress to the next stage before you will get into the stage that says "CONGRATULATIONS WALUIGI!". That's it. Nothing else.
  15. The game is extremely short. Even for a Flash game. It can be beaten in less than 2 minutes. Even Marble Madness has longer length than this game.
  16. Speaking of the length, you can also beat Waluigi Game without moving by right clicking and pressing "Play" until you get the "CONGRATULATIONS WALUIGI!" screen. This can make the game be completed even faster, like in 20 seconds or less, like if the creator actually forgot to check out if the players can beat this game even faster.
  17. Dumb AI. The enemies always move left, right, jump up non-stop and down and you just have to jump over them instead of killing them by jumping on them. No matter which enemy has AI, it will always have dumb AI, thanks to how badly the game is programmed.
  18. Waluigi looks very weird. His standing sprite (if you don't move) is not like the one that looks the same as in other Mario Flash games. Instead, he's standing while staring at you, and once you will move, Waluigi will have one of the running sprites as his standing sprite if you will stop moving.
  19. Waluigi's jumping and running animations look pretty stupid. Waluigi's standing sprites even share the same sprite as the jumping one, and if you will jump when Waluigi is moving, he rotates a bit and then he will rotate back to normal if he will touch the ground again if you are still moving.
  20. Bullet Bills come out of pipes instead of cannons, which wouldn't actually be in a real Mario game. This is really pathetic, especially since Bullet Bills have their own cannons and they never come out of pipes, even in fangames or other Mario Flash games. Waluigi Game literally explains that not every Mario fangame has Bullet Bills that come out of cannons instead of pipes.



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