WWF: King of the Ring

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WWF: King of the Ring
2362625-nes wwfkingofthering.jpg
This game certainly is no King in the Ring.
Genre(s): Sports
Platform(s): Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Boy
Release: NES
NA: November 10, 1993
EU: November, 1993

Game Boy
NA: September, 1993
EU: 1994
Developer(s): Gray Matter Inc.
Eastridge Technology
Publisher(s): LJN
Acclaim Entertainment

WWF: King of the Ring is a 1993 wrestling game based on the World Wrestling Federation tournaments on live TV. It was developed by Gray Matter Inc. in association with Eastridge Technology, and published by Acclaim Entertainment under the LJN brand.

Why It Sucks

  1. Abysmal graphics compared to most NES wrestling games, even by their standards. Games such as Pro Wrestling and Tecmo World Wrestling, for example, had better graphics, and those were earlier generation wrestling games.
  2. The opponents have the exact same move sets, which makes the characters feel the same, which can get on your last nerves fast.
    • Speaking of the move sets, they come off as weak and not very powerful, considering how they have the exact same body slams, which makes it very obvious that you're battling reskinned opponents with the same moves.
  3. Boring gameplay: There are only 4 modes to choose from, and they aren't really good at all, as it is nothing more than your typical training room in one to 4 modes, making it practically useless.
  4. The only way to defeat your opponents is to spam simple moves. Unless you know the bug where you can chain damage by repeatedly pressing Start after doing a suplex, prepare yourself for a long and grueling match.
    • The chain damage bug only works on the NES port, so you're on your own in the Game Boy version.
  5. The Game Boy version is even worse, as the gameplay in that version feels bland and generic at best. Attacks are grossly underpowered and turn many matches into turtle fests.
    • While the NES version added a couple wrestlers and improved the menu interface, it still doesn't feel like it's a huge improvement.
  6. Picking up from WIS#3, the gameplay in the aforementioned reason is very tedious. At least there are no delays on the controls, but however, this is no excuse for poor gameplay mechanics.
  7. The wrestler's themes are there, but they're poorly composed. Instruments, melodies or even compositions are off, which is saying something when WWF WrestleMania has better themes for the wrestlers.
  8. The sound effects are also terrible in both versions. The Game Boy version has generic noise for all of its sound effects, whereas the NES version has muffled PCM samples for its sound effects.
  9. It feels and plays like a button masher during matches. For example, you need to mash buttons endlessly when grappling, and hope for the best.
  10. Unfair difficulty: On Medium and Hard difficulties, you will lose every grappling match against the computer opponent. They will also predict your inputs with impunity in the latter difficulty.
  11. While it does give incentive to improve the fictional wrestler "Yourself", you can only improve their stats.
    • You also can't save their stats from either King of the Ring or Tournament mode.
  12. On the Game Boy version, there is no victory screen programmed when a wrestler wins a match. What makes this baffling is that the other two Game Boy WWF games had those.
  13. Your only reward for winning the King of the Ring tournament is a picture of a crown with the wrestler's theme playing.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The cover art, while over-saturated, is pretty decent, despite its terrible game quality.


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