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Voyage Into the Unknown

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Voyage Into the Unknown
This truly is a voyage into something alright. A voyage into everything wrong with BASIC that is!
Genre(s): Adventure
Shoot 'em up
Platform(s): ZX Spectrum
Release: 1984
Engine: BASIC
Developer(s): Amoeba Software
Publisher(s): Mastertronic
Country: United Kingdom
"This game is actually a fair bit like The Great Space Race, and one that thankfully wasn't sold in shops for 15 bloody quid. If anything, it's even more incomprehensible. Hell, even starting the game is probably a task that flunks as most people, and once you do, it's pretty likely that you'll just end up dying randomly in some situation that you could do virtually nothing about. Crash! magazine saw it fit to give this game a grand score of 9% in 1994, with only the similarly nonsensical Cosmic Pirates scoring lower, and if anything, that score's too bloody high."
Kim Justice

Voyage Into the Unknown(stylized as VOYAGE into the UNKNOWN) is a 48K ZX Spectrum arcade shoot em' up deweloped by Tim Steel from Amoeba Software and released in 1984 by Mastertronic.


You are in a space ship, & must fly through a bunch of obstacles, & shoot enemies to get into the unknown.

Why It (Intentionally?) Sucks

Note: Due to the game's quality, it is possible that the game was intentionally made bad as a way to be a scam.

  1. The game is so difficult that even starting it is quite a challenge, you have to type the right keys to move on, and exactly E, P and I, and in that order.
  2. Terrible graphics that consist of poorly made space ships all around as well as other hazards that are nearly impossible to identify, leading to lots of easy deaths throughout. Hareraiser, released in the same year and on the same platform, has better graphics than this game.
    • If only the color palette was simplified, this game could be ported to the Atari 2600.
  3. Sounds that are far more irritating than any of those alarm clocks that you'd find near your bed. They can especially become annoying as they practically repeat throughout the whole game non-stop.
  4. Incomprehensible dialogue that doesn't give you any hints at what you're supposed to do.
    • The blurb, "Energy, Power, Ignition" is seemingly useless, until you realize that pressing E, P, & I in that exact order how you start the game.
    • "buke" and "time warp chuck out" also appear throughout the game. You'll never know what those mean, no matter how hard you try.
  5. The space battles only happen on an embarrassing 10% of the screen. That is straight up inexcusable.
    • Not only that, but the enemies tend to only appear for about a millisecond before suddenly zapping off while you constantly lose health from their just-as-fast attacks.
    • Unresponsive controls, missiles usually do not target the enemy.
  6. Black holes are everywhere throughout the game, & once you reach one, it's an automatic game over.
    • Even worse: the graphics don't make them look like black holes, but rather random circles, & random circles could mean anything by just about anyone playing the game.
  7. Atrocious Ending: Once you get to the Maze of Total Blackness, you end up in what is essentially nothing, but a black screen, & no matter what you do, there is no way to get out of that stupid maze.
    • It is possible that its name was to excuse the fact that the game crashes at that point due to there being nothing programmed after the main game.
  8. False advertising: Neither Tim Steel, nor Amoeba Software not known to have any part in this. This could possibly mean that the programmer decided to put that fake information in to frame them.



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