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Video game console rip-offs

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Video game console rip-offs are plug-and-play consoles or LCD handhelds that are mainly manufactured in China and Taiwan. Despite their attempt to steal sales from the actual consoles, most of them fail miserably.

Why Most of Them Weren’t Born to Play

  1. The controllers are often small, defective and complicated.
  2. False advertising, some of them have misleading titles or the box arts depict content not available on the console. Several "games" in a multicart are lazy clones of existing ones on a cartridge to mislead other players into thinking that it's a completely different game. They also depict nonexistent features in the consoles.
  3. Quantity over quality, as these consoles have a lot of shovelware or awful ports or ROM hacks of NES, SNES, Master System or Genesis/Mega Drive games filled with a lot of glitches, and random crashes.
  4. The English text written for the manuals are often plagued with bad grammar and lots of spelling errors making it hard to read the manuals. Sometimes, they may consist entirely of placeholder text.
  5. Eye bleeding graphics.
  6. Ear bleeding music and audio.


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