V.I.P. (Playstation)

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Just imagine Pamela saying "I did this for the big bucks!"

V.I.P. is a video game based off the television show starring Pamela Anderson. The game was published by Ubisoft and It was also released for PlayStation 2, PC, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

Why It Sucks

  1. The beat-em-up section of the game is very simplistic and not challenging. In these stages, Pamela uses her purse to beat up bad guys and gamers just input the commands that appear on the screen.
  2. The shooting section of the game is similar to an arcade style shooting except you use a controller over a light gun.
  3. Lifeless graphics.
  4. The only purchasable items in the game are cutscenes.
  5. The stealth sections are completely pointless. Not only do they function the same way as the beat-em-ups do (pressing buttons), players do not get any penalty for getting it wrong, with the exception of 1,000 measly points.
  6. With the exception of the main menu screen, the music is awful.
  7. The enemies are bumbling idiots. They never attack unless the player gets the commands wrong, and if the player doesn't mess up the button command entirely, they still don't attack. In the stealth sections, their AI can also be extremely idiotic. Sometimes, the enemies will stare straight at a wall.
  8. False Advertising: The front cover has Pamela holding a gun, but the manual says that she hates guns.



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