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Another game based off of real world tragedies.

V-Tech Rampage is an action run'n'gun flash game developed by Ryan Lambourne, also known as PiGPEN. It was uploaded to Newgrounds.com shortly after the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007. In the game, the player controls shooter Seung-Hui Cho, the perpetrator who shot and killed 32 students and wounded 17 others.

To make matters worse, the creator of the game later made a game based on the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 shortly after the incident occurred.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is yet another tasteless joke, mocking a real-world tragedy. It is very disrespectful to those who were killed in the attack, and victim's families.
  2. The game is pixelated, to make it look happy, yet there is nothing happy about a school shooting.
  3. Lack of explanation on the first level. It says something about Emily, if you shoot her, you can't go back to your dorm because you will get arrested for leaving witnesses. You can't kill everyone though because you will also get arrested. What you have to do is kill Emily and kill the witness by her but not kill anyone else unless they are running and screaming (which means they saw or heard the murder). How would anyone know that first (and hopefully only) time playing?
  4. On the second level, if even ONE PIXEL on your body is caught in a policeman's light, you will get arrested.
  5. Also in the second level, the path one cop takes passes through the area in front of the mailbox you need to reach. Since the cops don't stop moving while the dialogue box is on-screen, you can get arrested while you're stuck reading the text box!
  6. The third and final level, is just you reenacting the shooting.
  7. The game's information is also inaccurate. The amount of people you're supposed to shoot is based on the old and outdated information about the shooting; you have to injure 29 people to win the game, even though Cho historically "only" injured 17 people.
  8. The game's creator made a little mistake - you have to kill 32 people at Norris Hall to win the game, but there is a little problem: Cho, the killer, "only" killed 30 at Norris Hall (he had already killed Emily and the witness earlier).
  9. Like how point 6 described, the game is only 3 levels long.
  10. You can beat it in 3 minutes (or 1 minute if you just use A+X to skip straight to the last level)
  11. A modified version was released called the RIAA edition, where copyrighted music was removed, and on the title screen, someone (presumably the creator of the game) is singing "Hey hey hey fuck the RIAA," on repeat and sounds absolutely terrible. The last level's music is also intentionally poorly made.
  12. Yet again, on the third level, once you shoot someone, sometimes the person singing will make offensive comments and mock the shooting like "Good job Seung-Hui!", "We kick ass!" or "That Jew went back in the oven" if you kill Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor.
  13. The creator of the game said he would take it down for $2,000 AND AN ADDITIONAL $1,000 TO OFFER AN APOLOGY.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the songs being bad, they're pretty catchy for some reason.
  2. Apart from the RIAA song and the song on the last level, the music on the first and second levels is quite pleasant to listen to.




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