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Zeephare (talkcontribs)

Congratulation for being a new admin of both gaming-related Wikis!

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

Thanks, Zeephare! I'm absolutely honored to have that role. Hopefully, my adminship will be enough to maintain this wiki by spreading as much positivity as I can and creating pages, making edits, and promoting other users when no one else already has.

ParodiS2021 (talkcontribs)

What happened to Spaz?

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

Basically, he left yesterday because of the drama regarding what happened 5 years ago, and then he took off.

ParodiS2021 (talkcontribs)
SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

Our plans exactly.

EdEddandEddyFan (talkcontribs)

So basically Spaz gave up? Au revoir, then.

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

Yeah... I actually miss the guy. Sure he was biased, but he was a good friend to the end.

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