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Summary by Zeephare

Already unblocked.

MarioMario456 (talkcontribs)

Banned for editing way too fast? This doesn't make any sense. Please unban in the next 3 days or I leave CGW forever.

DarkMatterMan4500 (talkcontribs)

Sorry for blocking you for a week though. Rest assured that I now know you were only trying to help.

Zeephare (talkcontribs)

Yeah, this is stupid. I'm gonna unblock you. You are just trying to be helpful, and I respect that.

SpazJR61 (talkcontribs)

Tell DarkMatterMan, he blocked you for a week for no reason. I initially blocked you only for a few minutes to stop clogging up the recent changes page.

DarkMatterMan4500 (talkcontribs)

Already saw it via the CVT-feed, and yeah, you're right.

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