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GreenGreen (talkcontribs)

Well, I've been taking a look at his edits and began noticing something, and from a dead discussion, that he said the admins were given him false accusations over a long-banned user, which in this case, he would've meet Inkster earlier than he entered this wiki, and it's likely that he is related, or maybe he'd hiding evidence that he is Inkster since he's been editing on stuff like Pokémon and Postal which is very Inkster-like to me, and remember when he said that his account was only created to add certain game engines, yeah that's obtuse since he tends to blank some info on certain pages just like Inkster and he also does the same topics as Ink for that matter, so it's likely we're being tricked here. Just look at his edits and see what I mean.

So it's either he's lying to you guys that he's not Inkster or that he's hiding something to prevent getting forbidden from these wikis since it's likely that he is Inkster and he's lying mostly just so he can get away with it.

I know that I'm going to get blocked for this, but I've seen his edits and they're beginning to sense deja vu for me, so if you disagree then block me, I'll accept and never come back, but remember, there's something strange about GyrineZ, and I've trying to investigate it since he's very similar to the controversial Ink and might be another of his socks actually.

So yeah, you can block all ya like but you have to remember that that this is only a mystery and one at most, so I'm accounting a lot of research here.

GreenGreen (talkcontribs)

I've also found something else.

Again, this is only a mystery, not a scandal or a false accusation since that would be going way too far and I know how most people would react when they see this, so if you do block me, then I won't be on these wikis anymore, I'll be off doing other stuff since I've gotten quite bored with these wikis and they don't interest that much anymore, so I'll just say one thing before you block me.

Note that I'm not bashing on GyrineZ, I'm just rather suspicious over what he's like and the way how he edits since they remind me so much of Inkster that it's near identical, and I should also know that he has a tendency of lying just like Inkster does, since there was no proof of the National Dex being a collab decision with Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokémon Company, and he always knows that "Inkster" was a long-banned user, and since he claimed his account was made for "inserting game engines info on the infobox", it's likely that the admins need to lookover this user since he's quite hard to point down.

So go ahead then block me all ya want, but if GyrineZ isn't Inkster as he's claiming to be, then I would have to be blocked so, but if you do listen to me, then it's fine for me, but remember, I'm only speculating, I'm not giving out false accusations nor lies about him, just that I've done my research on him and that he might be a possible Ink sock after all.

GyrineZ (talkcontribs)

You have no proof of Game Freak being forced by Nintendo to rush games and don't give any sources confirming it.

GyrineZ (talkcontribs)

The fact you revert my edits shows how you like to defend your unsourced claims and personal bias. Just like how you fuckers think that "lolicon is pedophilia" when those are two completely different subjects and there is no proof of a "connection" between the two.

I've been acting a bit weird

GreenGreen (talkcontribs)

I've done some pretty bad edits and have acted a bit harsh towards certain stuff, I'll make sure that I calm down for a few days, and make sure to improve my edits, and give myself a bit of rest from doing these crappy edits, so I'll improve my skills and my behaviour to make sure that less mess is caused and I don't cause any trouble around here, so I'll be more mature and less crazy & rude, okay

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