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Hi, welcome to my user page, it's now in development.
Link to my profile page.
You can also go to my message board page.

How I Discovered These Wikis

Between late 2019 or early 2020, I was searching horrible games like Sonic '06, Bigs Rigs, Superman 64 or Action 52, then I found this wiki which it was Crappy Games Wiki, which sounded promising, then I first looked this wiki, I was interested, then I want to know if my favorite games and shows like Dragon's Dogma, Backyardigans and Charlie and Lola was on positive wikis and it was, my soul was saved, but during 2020, I was using more Pawn Community, until I created a Reddit account in May and I first Signed-up in this wiki in June.

After that, my respectfulness and maturity changed drastically after I joined this wiki, so I'm now more respectful nowadays.

Pawn Community Share Website Links

English Version (Recommended for most US users)
Japanese Version

My Drawing Collection

NathamCityConcept.png FlorestaDevmap.png


  • My sprite was based on my first Minecraft skin since late 2015. By the way, my sprite was made since 2018.
  • Before the PSN Trophy system changed in late 2020, I was level 11, now I'm level 201.
  • I have rare game demos such as Dragon's Dogma Demo and Dragon's Dogma Adventure Demo, these game demos were delisted from the PSN store after the PS5 update, now they are now only available in my PSN account.
  • By January 31, 2021, I have 8438 total "NICE!" hits on Pawn Community.
  • Thankfully, I finally unlocked all rooms in Arisen's/My Adobe from Pawn Community, before the new year that Adobe Flash Player will be discontinued forever, so I posted the final room, which it was Nora's Bedroom, I finally completed 100% of the website.
  • I found a glitch in the demo version of Dragon's Dogma Original Vanilla, which no one ever found because this game demo was delisted from both PSN and Xbox Live stores. It was the barrel glitch (A famous and helpful glitch that clip through the walls that abused both Original Vanilla and Dark Arisen versions of the game, now since i discovered this glitch, it's now for all versions of Dragon's Dogma), which i thought it doesn't work in the demo version, but it worked, i was suprised that i can now see what outside the boundaries of the game, if you want see more information, check the Dragon's Dogma page in AGW.

Wayback Machine Archives & Links

Arisen's/My Adobe - Room 6 - Comments Room



one month ago
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Wow, I'm nearly reaching 1000 of total edits in all Miraheze wikis.


11 days ago
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I just reached 1000 of total edits in all Miraheze wikis! \(^▽^)/

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