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Im just a guy who likes videogames, true crime related content and Tokusatsu.

I also have a massive fascination with failures and shitty projects, specially with shitty games, which is the reason i am here.

Some of my favorite games and series of games are

Mega Man Doom (and retro style shooters) Fighting games (specially Soul Calibur, Smash Bros, Kof and MK) Devil May Cry (except 2, that one is dogshit) MetroidVanias Borderlands 2 Star Fox 64 Sonic 3 and Knuckles Fire emblem (awakening onwards, with the exception of Fates) and some other stuff

My contributions to the wikia (that still are here)

  1. Megaman 2 (gameboy)
  2. Commodore CDTV
  3. KOF Neowave
  4. SVC chaos: Capcom Vs Snk
  5. Samurai Shodown Sen
  6. Way of the Warrior (new page)
  7. Super Tunder Blade (new page)
  8. Snk boss Syndrome
  9. Gamebryo/creation engine
  10. Terminator Rampage
  11. Capcom Fighting Jam
  12. The Master Fighter
  13. Resident evil: Gun survivor 2
  14. Shadow: War of Succession (New Page)
  15. Bloodstorm
  16. Fight For Life (new page)
  17. Ultraman/Ultraman:Towards the future
  18. Ultraseven
  19. Tao Taido
  20. Hyper Neo Geo 64
  21. Legend Of Success joe (New Page)
  22. Fight Fever
  23. X-perts (New Page)
  24. Pit Fighter (New page)
  25. Sword of Sodan (New Page)
  26. Osomatsu Kun
  27. Turbo Outrun (Sega Genesis)
  28. Doom 3DO