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Custom information
Custom 1

Little bit known for slightly disliking Persona franchise for being simply boring and not fitting his taste for him. Although he never played one of Persona games.

Custom 2

He dislikes Rockstar's slight greed for milking GTA Online. He wishes they've added every DLC/Downloadable content stuff for Singleplayer.

Custom 3

He is known for hating anime censorship and hentai porn. This makes him disgusted and angered, mostly terrible hentai porn OVAs which they enrage him off easily. Expect Senran Kagura isn't pornographic, but it has fanservice and rated M for Mature.

Custom 4

He horribly hates Terrywads, SJWs, sockpuppets, trolls, vandals, bad developers and publishers, Winged Cloud and many other hentai developers and harassers.

Other information

Unknown owned amount of movies.


None of these.


Crazy Frogs and other songs.


Some magazines about lifestyle, cooking and information around the world.


The legs and arms from users who annoy anyone. Any edible food to eat.


"Pisswasser" (Which is actually water). Any drinkable refreshing drink.

Personal information

The same one as Poland's worst countryside.,


Poland's worst countryside., Poland

Places I have lived

I never lived outside Poland.

About me

A user with the same name that came from Wikia, but in Miraheze. What are you talkin' about? I'm the same person from Wikia, but with the different profile picture.