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Nick sidaway123!


Why do I play games? Why do I have a life? Why do I even use the internet? Why am I here right now? Why do I even exist?


I first joined Miraheze in July 2019 (I can't remember which day it was). I first discovered about the reception wikis in 2018 when a friend of mine told me about a website called atrocious youtubers wiki. I decided to visit the wiki and I loved it. I didn't create an account until 2019 when I wanted to start editing and creating pages. I decided to create a page about YouTuber who I had a lot of arguments with, but oh no! Dumbass me thought that the write a blog post would create a page, but it didn't. It instead made the page look unprofessional and I unfortunately got shouted at by the admins and my user rights were set to nothing. Oh well. I abounded the account and I eventually deleted it. I revisited the wikis in November of 2020. The reason was because of one word: Lockdown. I eventually created this account and I decided to make a page about the antagonist of GTA IV, but it flopped for a number of reasons. For starters, the pointers were incredibly short and cheap. Secondly, they were all about the protagonist Niko Bellic as every reason why Dmitri sucked always included Niko one way or another. An admin eventually deleted the page and I was happy as ever. I then created a Micah Bell page but dumbass me thought Micah Bell was allowed when he wasn't. When I heard he wasn't aloud I started to regret everything because I had already published the page! Oh no! It was eventually deleted but after that I did create a couple of pages that were way better such as the John marston page, the Carl Johnson page, and most recently the Gangstar New Orleans page.


  1. Favorite video game: L.A. Noire
  2. Favorite movie: Scarface
  3. Favorite celebrity: Adam Sandler
  4. Favorite TV show: Helluva Boss
  5. Favorite song: Don't fence me in by Bing Crosby
  6. Favorite singer: Frank Sinatra

Least favorites

  1. Least favourite video game Mafia III
  2. Least favorite movie: Titanic II
  3. Least favorite celebrity: Anita Sarkeesian
  4. Least favorite TV show: Family Guy (Season 7-present)
  5. Least favorite song: Gucci gang
  6. Least favorite singer: Jake Paul

Pages I've Made

Awesome Games Wiki

Crappy Games Wiki

Rotten Websites Wiki

  1. TBA

Fun Useless Facts About Me

  1. I'm a huge fan of police whistles as I absolutely love the sound it makes. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's that whistle the Saint-Denis Police use in the mission Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor. and yes, it's on Amazon and it's cheap.
  2. I can play the bugle horn.
  3. My favourite show is Helluva Boss.