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Welcome to my Crappy Games Wiki page. To see my bio, click here (Awesome Games Wiki), or here (Rotten Websites Wiki).

Pages I will make

Didn't think about something to make a page of yet...

Pages I improved

  • Nintendo 64DD - Added the fact that 64MB N64 cartridges already existed before the N64DD game format, which has the same maximum capacity.
  • Gizmondo - Added a video covering the console.
  • Atari 5200 - Added Awesome Games Wiki links.
  • NEC PC-FX - Added the Awesome Games Wiki link to the PS1.
  • Commodore CDTV - The page didn't mention about the "CDTV" acronym and backronym, so I fixed it. Also fixed a typo.
  • BFDIA 5b - It was pretty exaggerating, so I added some good qualities and turned the first heading into "bad qualities".