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Nicknames: Luigi, LuigiMan, Loogie, Laddy
Friends: ThePCGamer
Occupation: Learning
Making YouTube videos
Modding consoles
Video game collection
Owning expensive devices (from $600)
Birthday: August 30, 2005 (16 years old)
Likes: Electronics
Video games
Uhhh... giants?
Dislikes: Liars
Being made fun of
Being yelled at
Wanting to do something, but not in a mood for it
Game journalists
Bitch-ass motherfuckers
Joined: October 1, 2020
First edit: October 8, 2020
Admin on: Crappy, Awesome and Reverse Crappy Games
Terrible and Best Shows & Episodes
Status: Active

Administrator of the Games Wikis since May 6th, 2021! Also of Shows & Episodes wikis.

Bonjour tout le monde ! I am Luigi, or Lad, a French wiki user who has been active on the Games Wikis since October 2020. I am 16 years old, use he/him and she/her (I prefer calling myself a she), and I'm mostly interested in gaming, computing and BFB. If either of these three things are your things, then feel free to talk with me! However, I'm extremely shy, so it happens sometimes that I leave the chat when I feel anger towards me or I am uncomfortable towards a topic.

I have a Q&A page that can be accessed here.

About me

I am a 16-year-old gamer and computer user from France. I was born on August 30th 2005, and I currently use he/she as pronouns. And yes, I am a tomgirl! ^w^ (gosh... why did I use this kaomoji...?)

I usually spend most of my days talking on the internet since I am not very interested in talk with others IRL because of my intimidate interests, but I do create projects on it too. I don't really go outside in general, especially when it's not sunny outside. In total, I am up for a whopping 16 hours per day in average, with only 8 hours of sleep for each day.

I am extremely anxious, having a huge fear of causing drama or flame wars just because I talked about my honest opinions (yes, in terms of interests and opinions, I think I am a very different person from others). So, please don't go hostile towards me just because of my interests and opinions (unless you have a point on them), as this can psychologically hurt me, and it might result into a block from me. Yes, by the way, I am a shipper, hope you don't shame me for this...

My domains




DeviantArt (I have to put a TRIGGER WARNING for this link because there are some explicit content in my profile, including fetish art, though mostly marked as mature content for the sake of not disturbing dislikers of fetish. I understand if you dislike fetishes, but if you're only on my profile to insult me for drawing explicit content, I will not tolerate that at all!)

I would also show my Discord tag, but I can't now because people might send it to others to try to friend me, which gives me a sign of bullying attempt. If you do want to add me on this site, tell me your tag by sending me a note!


I was born on August 30th 2005 in France. I have always lived in the same house since my birth, and might stay here for my whole life. I wasn't recognized as autistic asperger until 2009, when I was 4 years old and became diagnosed as having this syndrom that time. I don't remember my past life before I was six years old, but I do tell my parents about it, which is how I got parts of my story as an infant again.

Computers, video games and drawing are my main passion for almost 10 years now. I started visiting the internet and playing video games in 2011, with my two first video games being New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 64 DS, both games being released on the Nintendo DS. Throughout the whole time I used the internet, I mostly visited English websites, posts and videos, which is how I became a pro in English. I don't really quite remember when I started drawing, but from what I know, it was before I was 6.

In 2012, when I was 7 years old, I met a man disguised as Mario during a trip on a beach, and took pictures and videos with him. In 2013, I got a Wii along with 2 games, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario & Sonic 2012 for my eighth birthday, and this year was also when I owned a mobile device for the first time (which is an Android tablet, to be exact), therefore playing mobile games for the first time. In 2014, I got a Furby Boom, but by the time there was no way for me to download applications on my tablet since I didn't have a Google account. An account was however created for me and I downloaded the Furby Boom app. For quite a long time, Furbies became my favorite toys along with Legos. Unfortunately in 2014, it's where I broke all of my 6 Nintendo DS consoles after not realizing that I shouldn't have charged them for too long while playing, which then killed their batteries, and it was also when I stopped playing on my Wii for some reason after it was put on a basement. I then played Flash games on my mom's low-end laptop until 2015, where I got a Nintendo 2DS when I turned 10, and a Wii U on Christmas.

2015 was also the year in which it was my very first time being a user on an internet website. The first site I used is Miiverse, a discontinued social site similar to Twitter made by Nintendo and Hatena for the 3DS and Wii U consoles. A year later, I joined YouTube, and became forever active in this site since. However, I am not interested in monetizing my videos on the sites. I gained quite a bit of success, with atleast 60 followers by the closure of the site, but I started becoming semi-active during 2017.

In 2018 I started becoming more serious at computing, as it was my first time installing a program on a computer, which is my mom's laptop, again. That program was Vegas Pro 11, and it's where I transitioned from making videos with my already old tablet to making videos... on also an already old laptop. However for my 13th birthday that year, I got my own gaming laptop, and from there I've been able to install more advanced programs and high-end games. Before I got my laptop, I also joined other sites such as DeviantArt and Hangouts, before moving from Hangouts to Discord months later. 7 months later, in April 2019, I've finally used a phone for the first time. That is the iPhone 6, but since I think it's outdated nowadays, I wanted to get a newer one, and that dream was achieved a moment after my 16th birthday in 2021, when I got the iPhone 12.

Unfortunately, due to my horrible behavior that I had towards other internet users in late 2019 (I'm so sorry and I heavily regret what I've done that time), many of my friends started to bully me by not only abusing me on a server (I was banned from there), but also making fun of me for the whole time. This caused me to become suicidal for a brief time because of what I've done on the internet and how I thought people lost respect for me online. BTW, I'm fine now, so please do not worry about me...

The bullying that occured from my friends made me partially leave their community for good, and this is where I focused on uploading digital art on DeviantArt and Instagram since late 2019 (left Instagram in late 2020 due to lack of motivation using the site). I was happy of the results, because my art became somewhat popular with tens of likes, however, I wasn't as popular in DeviantArt, until almost a year later.

That time I started drawing daily, in December 2019, I owned a PlayStation console for the first time because I thought I should not always own only Nintendo consoles. The first PlayStation I got is the PS3. Within 6 months I got a PSP for free (it was from a colleague of my dad, who stopped using his PSP since 2014) with no charger included (I eventually bought one myself a few months later), a PS4 Pro along with a 4K TV and finally a PS2 (without a memory card, and again I bought one a few months later).

I used to draw using and Photoshop, before I moved on to FireAlpaca in early 2021. Unfortunately, my popularity on YouTube has since declined because of my lack of motivation of making videos due to running out of ideas and leaving a community, since most of my viewers came from there. Despite still often advertising my YouTube videos to this day, they still won't get a lot of views.

My favorite characters/kins

Super Mario

Luigi, Wario, Bowser, Chain Chomps


Kirby, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, Shield Guards, Plugg


Leafy, Firey, Needle, Ruby, Pencil, Match, Pin


Katsu Wada (Taiko no Tatsujin), Garfield, Lightbulb (Inanimate Insanity), Marshmallow (Inanimate Insanity), Clover (Inanimate Insanity), Balloon (Inanimate Insanity)

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