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Hey there! I'm HinD and i've been editing and creating pages on this wikia since June 2020, i'll try to write a new page occasionally.

About Myself

Another Random And Useless Facts About Me

  • I speak spanish, english and a bit of russian (I'm still learning the alphabet).
    • By the way, i currently have a B2 english level.
  • I consider myself an agnostic.
  • I'm interested in making addons for Garry's Mod, unfortunately, i'm really lazy.
    • The same goes for drawing, writing novels and creepypastas ^^
  • All the consoles i've owned in order: PlayStation, PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360, all of them work, except for the PS1 that the laser lens drive fails, now i just use my PC and sometimes my PSP.
  • The first videogame i ever played was the first Gran Turismo when i was 3 years old, oh man, the memories.
  • My MBTI personality is INTJ-T
  • I have a two years old siamese cat called Misha, and i really love her.
  • The Crappy Games Wikia helped me directly or indirectly to find a lot of obscure and forgotten games that i think they're actually good, some examples are Blood 2, Iron Storm, Motorhead and Ubersoldier.
  • I'm not so social at all, i barely have messages on my social networks and i don't usually start the chats. If for some reason you want to talk with me, you will have to start the chat by yourself, buddy.
  • I was about to learn to play the euphonium the last year, too bad that the seller had troubles with the package delievery (I bought it from an internet website, fortunately i got my money refunded).
    • And yes, i still want to learn to play it or another brass instrument.
  • I started liking to investigate and writing about bad games thanks to the Angry Videogame Nerd, RetroMierdas and the "Juegos Horrendos" (Horrendous Games) and "Juegos Basura" (Trash Games) series made by SwellowLoquendero040 and ElDallas1999 respectively.
  • The first bad videogame i ever played was Taxi 2, that's why i hate that game so much and i decided to write an article about it.
  • I suffer from insomnia, and trust me, it's really annoying and it causes me a lot of troubles in my daily life.
  • Mukuro Ikusaba and Filia Medici are the best waifus in my opinion.

Pages I've created

Crappy Games Wiki



Terrible Moments in Gaming History

Awesome Games Wiki