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Some random PT-BR guy using a PC and a smartphone. Really likes video games, but does not have money (or even a job) to purchase at least a PS4 or an Xbox One. So this wiki is my salvation to see if something worth the purchase or not.

Sim, eu falo Português. É o meu idioma nativo. Se você fala português, fale também.

Profile picture is Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan.

My Pages on Crappy Games Wiki

Totally New

  • Ninja Dash: An endless-runner/hack'n'slash/shmup game with luck-based stuff shamelessly locked behind coins, gems, wax, lithium, unskippable ads and more. Oh, and it's mostly needed to progress.
  • Head Boxing: A boxing game with blatantly exagerated artificial difficulty and high-on-drugs behavior. Oh, and not to mention the unfunny national stereotyping.
  • The King of Fighters 2001: First main entry in the KOF series after SNK's bankruptcy... and it's already a red flag.
  • The Game: Possibly the most uncreative and generic title in video game's history. And "the game" itself nearly acts like a compilation video, rather than a solid game.


  • Schnappi - 3 Fun Games: A full retail game that acts like (if not worse than) a typical Cartoon Netowrk/Disney/Nickelodeon Flash game. It is based on a song nearly as bad as Baby Shark.

Coming Soon

  • Beat Street: A repetitive beat'em-up game with knock-off looking title and characters, a TabTale-esque plot and unsalable items clogging.
  • Regular Show: Fist Punch (maybe): Another beat'em up game, this time from the Regular Show series, that is mediocre at best.