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Custom information
Custom 1

I bought an Atari Console that has a collection of older Atari Games for $20.00, but unfortunately it doesn't have Pac-Man and E.T (Since I want to try them)

Custom 2

I grew up with the Wii and still have an appreciation for Retro Gaming!

Custom 3

I was considering to make my username named RetroBlytz but I chose DoubleJumpMan

Custom 4

I used to be a huge Sonic Fan when I was younger, so if you were friends with me in 1st-4th Grade, you would hear me talk about Sonic every day!

Other information
Video games

My favorite game is Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins


My favorite Snack is KitKat


Pepsi is my favorite

Personal information
Real name


About me

I'm ChocolateHamburger's Brother. I'm a few minutes younger than him so don't mention that, and he's the one that introduced me to Crappy Games Wiki! I'm mostly active here than any other Miraheze Wiki so yeah.