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To add:

  • (Possibly) The Impossible Quizmas
  • All Mario Party handheld games (except Star Rush and e-Reader (they are both underrated); if you don't know what I mean, Advance, Island Tour, Top 100)
  • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (it's average but still feels like it belongs here) (positive rated game)
  • Dr. Mario World

The Impossible Quizmas (August 2018)

NOTE: This is an average game, but I have no idea still where it belongs. If anyone can give a decision please message me on my talk page.

The Impossible Quizmas.png
10 years of The Impossible Quiz may be completely unexpected
Genre: Quiz
Platforms: PC (Flash)
Release Date: December 11, 2017
Developer: Splapp-Me-Do
Publisher: Splapp-Me-Do
Franchise: The Impossible Quiz
Previous Game: The Impossible Quiz Book
Next Game: N/A

The Impossible Quizmas is a mini-installment to the The Impossible Quiz series. This Christmas special is meant to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series.

Bad Qualities

  1. Fusestopper and Lifebuoy power-ups have been removed in favor of being Quizmas Presents.
  2. Short quiz with only 25 questions, less than the Demo's 30 questions. In fact, added on that you can use skips and having 3 lives, you may find this easier than the Demo (which had 1 life and no skips but no bombs)!
  3. Unlike the previous quizzes (which mentions many older questions, not counting Quizmas presents), only the color code from Question 50 and the "Use your skips" requirement from Question 110 are mentioned.
  4. The original Impossible Quiz styles aren't used even once. Question 43 of TIQ2 and many questions in Chapter 3 of TIQB had a question that referenced the original style, but not one question here resembles the original style.
  5. To unlock Quizmas Presents, you must reach Question 25 with Skips. The problem is that the Quizmas Presents you get will be random and some are rare (at most you can only get 5 per run and they depend on where you get your skips from), meaning you may have to play the game over and over to get all these Presents. You can also very easily get repeat Quizmas Presents, wasting them in general. It shows some replay value but eventually, it'll get annoying doing a grindfest.
  6. Outside of Newgrounds achievements, there is no accomplishment or ending if you do manage to get all of the Quizmas Presents.
  7. If you have used all your skips at the end but you die at the last part or by not having all of your skips, your Quizmas Presents won't be saved, wasting the run in general.
  8. As with Question 110 of the original, you must use all of your skips at Question 25 or you'll lose a life. Luckily, unlike Question 110 of the original, it's still possible to win without all of your skips.

Good Qualities

  1. It still shows its charm within the original Impossible Quiz.
  2. Collectible Quizmas Presents, which references Splapp's work and older quizzes.
  3. You get rewarded in a few cases if you do the Tab Cheat by getting a rare Quizmas Present.
  4. Modified bomb that now resembles pudding that would be eaten at Christmas.
  5. At least it referenced Frank Says from the second quiz and The Badly Drawn Dawg since the original quiz.
  6. Random perimeter questions are still present to give replay value.

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