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Occupation: Student, contributor
Birthday: November 14th
Joined: December 31, 2019
First edit: IncaGold on December 31, 2019
Admin on: Crappy Games Wiki
Awesome Games Wiki
Status: Active

A brief user introduction

The Qualitipedia user and admin of the Crappy Games Wiki and its sister wiki. He's editing here because he wants to and you will not forbid him.

Discovering and joining the Qualitipedia

In 2019, originally, these wikis caught my eye when I was browsing the title of a given game on a search engine, then a page appeared on the Crappy Games Wiki, specifically Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks, which was reviewed by one of my favorite YouTubers of all time, BartekGM. However, I created my account on December 31 of the same year, and I joined to the AGW one day later. Since August 2020 I became an admin, and I am still one of them.


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Allistayrian has made 19,163 edits on the Crappy Games Wiki.


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