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Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure

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Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure
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Can't afford a ticket to go to the Universal Studios theme park? Well, this game isn't any better either.
Genre(s): Party
Platform(s): Nintendo GameCube
Release: JP: December 7, 2001
NA: December 18, 2001
EU: May 3, 2002
Developer(s): Nai'a Digital Works
Publisher(s): Kemco
Country: Japan

Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure[1] is a party game developed by Nai'a Digital Works and published by Kemco for the Nintendo GameCube. Judging by the attractions and structures of the park in this game, this game took place in Universal Studios Japan rather than in either of Hollywood and Orlando theme parks.


The game is a set of mini-games and rides that act as the main point of the game. Whenever you complete a ride, you are awarded a stamp. The objective of the game is to acquire all eight stamps; six of which are acquired by beating the minigames. The seventh stamp is acquired by completing a trivia quiz about Universal Studios movies. The eighth stamp is acquired by finding all of the letters to form "UNIVERSAL STUDIOS" in the game world.

Why This Game Makes The Universal Globe Stop Spinning

  1. Fixed camera angles that only change when players get to a certain point of the screen. Combining that with crowds of people, this can make it hard to determine the player character's location.
  2. Once you've played one or two of the attractions, every single ride gets a line and you can no longer visit that attraction. Though it's a short line, it never moves and Woody Woodpecker won't let you through no matter how much time passes.
  3. Once the lines form, there are only two ways to access the attractions and continue the game: you must either complete an annoying sidequest to get a one-time-use free pass or purchase a hat with points. Purchasing a hat requires either running around the park picking up trash or grinding whichever of the attractions you can access-as they award points when beaten. Both methods are extremely tedious and annoying, bordering on grinding.
  4. Woody Woodpecker refuses to let the player get in the lines, despite how short it is. It is also required to wear a hat to enter the line, even though there are people in the lines who aren't wearing a hat. Why are they allowed in the line?
  5. Most of the rides are very short and have very poor controls in combination with unfair difficulty.
  6. Terrible graphics. Almost the whole game consists of pre-rendered backgrounds à la the original Alone in the Dark/early Resident Evil games.
  7. Almost appropriately enough, the "attraction" based on Waterworld isn't even a little minigame, just a crappy CG-rendered version of a stunt show that can be watched from different angles.
  8. Trash cans are almost rare to find.
  9. The targeting reticle in the Jurassic Park game is terribly inaccurate and misleading, as the reticle simulates a very short fixed distance from your perspective. You have to aim well outside your target to land hits.
  10. The Backdraft minigame has horrible fixed camera angles that lead to confusing navigation, accidental backtracking, and running into hazards that you couldn't see. It also requires you to rescue at least 15/20 civilians. There is no counter on the screen to let you know if you've accomplished this. Getting to the end without enough rescues simply gives you a Game Over.
  11. Jaws' minigame's controls are very stiff. It is difficult to aim projectiles at Jaws or hit him with the precise timing required to avoid taking damage.
  12. The quiz you must complete to finish the game requires an encyclopedic knowledge of a wide variety of Universal Studios movies, including such questions as "What was Waterworld's budget?" "What was the name of Doc Brown's dog?" and "What was the exact voltage of the electric fence in Jurassic Park?"
  13. Many of the letters required to spell Universal Studios and beat the game are a mere couple pixels large in an overworld that's already difficult to navigate.
  14. The map of the park has no paths shown and no way to get your bearings. All it does is show you your current general position in relation to the rides.
  15. About halfway through the game, the Waterworld attraction closes without warning and cannot be accessed again until you beat the game and start over.
  16. When you pick up a piece of trash, you get 10 points. If you want to get on a ride, you need about 2000 points.
    • Why would you need to pick up other people's trash? You're not a worker at the park, just a visitor.
  17. In the E.T minigame, the controls are awful. You continuously fall over and over. AVGN considers it worse than the famous Atari 2600 version.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game has a story explaining why the main character is at Universal Studios. There is a huge stamp collecting contest going on, and the character you're playing as is participating in it. While the prize is never explained in-game, or if there even is a prize, it can be presumed to be free admission to the Hollywood Magic nighttime show you unlock at the end after collecting all of the stamps.
  2. The lines don't start at the very beginning of the game, rather they start after visiting one or two of the attractions, allowing you to rack up points before then.
  3. Once you have a hat for an attraction, you can revisit that attraction as many times as you want, and you get points every time you clear it.
  4. Each attraction has a pre-game screen where Woody Woodpecker explains the controls and what is going on.
  5. Picking up and throwing away trash isn't the only way to earn points. Every letter you pick up nets you around 1000 points, you can shake hands with characters to get points, and, as mentioned, every attraction that you clear gives you 1000 points every time you beat it.
  6. Waterworld is a decent minigame, the best out of the bunch.
  7. You don't need to get a stamp from Waterworld, which is good since the attraction closes later on in the game.
  8. The Hollywood Magic night-time show is a nice ending to the game.


AVGN Enraged.jpg "What were they thinking?"
The Shit Scale
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This game/console belongs to the "Very High Category" category of the AVGN's Shit Scale.

IGN gave it a 3/10 with the review saying it has "Terrible graphics and is very boring." UGO has rated this game #78 on their list of "The Worst Video Games of All Time". NGC Magazine UK gave this game 24/100 where it remained the lowest-rated GameCube game in the magazine's history before being topped by Batman: Dark Tomorrow which was rewarded 15/100. The game has a rating of 39/100 on Metacritic and a rating of 1.91 on GameFAQs. All Game Guide called the game a collection of mediocre titles that are over within minutes.

The Angry Video Game Nerd called it the worst promotion of all time.


  • The theme park in the game is based on the Universal Theme Park in Japan.



  1. Known in Japan as Universal Studios Japan Adventure (ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン・アドベンチャー, Yunibāsaru sutajio japan adobenchā).


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