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Unfair Mario

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Unfair Mario
Unfair mario 1029.png
Well, the title isn't wrong. This game is truly unfair.
Protagonist(s): Mario
Genre(s): Platform
Platform(s): Browser
Release: 2011[1]
Engine: Adobe Flash

Unfair Mario is a platform game released on browser in 2011. It's consisted of hard levels that contain hidden death spots that the player must avoid to complete each of them.

The massive difficulty of the game made it an Internet meme thanks to a lot of YouTubers making gameplay videos of it.

Why It Intentionally Sucks

Note: This game was only made as a joke.

  1. The whole game is entirely focused on trial and error like Dragon's Lair on NES. You will never know which part of each level kills you, so you always have to take your time to remember these spots to complete every level in the game. This is especially hard in some sections where there are falling parts of the ground along with moving deadly objects, and here, you are completely confused of when to go and which spot you have to jump on.
  2. There are some comments in each level that would indicate which part you are supposed to avoid. This is also really confusing, because sometimes they do indicate the spots not to jump on, but at other times, they might completely lie about that, so you don't really know which spot to avoid because of this issue. This is another example of trial and error in the game.
  3. Sub-par graphics and sounds that look like they've been compressed to fit on an early Flash game because they are of low audio quality. Also, there are some animation errors, mostly noticeable when Mario walks. Even the menu music is of higher-quality than the overworld theme.
  4. Quite short, lasting only 10 levels. In fact, a speedrunner completed this game in less than 2.5 minutes without dying.
  5. The only theme you encounter in every single level is the overworld. There are no underground, underwater, castle or other environements in the whole game, just one simple environement that you'll get in the whole game. It's like the developer was too lazy and only cared about making the level design of the game, leaving the overworld theme behind.
  6. Very few enemies. The only ones that you encounter are Thwomps, Goombas that turn into Spike Tops, Spinies and a Big Boo.
  7. One of the levels can be beaten only by going to the left in a short distance if you will jump perfectly and avoid the spikes. However, the chance can be very rare.
  8. It has very little relation with the Mario franchise despite using sprites from its games. You stll die in one hit when you are Super Mario, the only controls are jump and move from left and right and no button to run, and there aren't any power-ups like the Fire Flower and Super Star. You can literally make a reskin of this game and it will not even look like an obvious Mario rip-off.
  9. When you die, the game displays an unnecessary screen showing the number of deaths you've got, instead of showing it directly during the gameplay. To restart the level, you have to manually press the spacebar, which can get exhausting overtime especially with how many times players die in the game in general because of the huge amount of trial and error.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You have infinite lives, which means you'll never get any game over and go back to the beginning of the game. Also, there are checkpoints in each level, so you don't always have to start back from the beginning of the level if you lose a life and instead restart from those spots if you've reached them.
  2. The game also saves your progress if you leave, so you won't have to restart from the beginning when you want to resume the game.
  3. There is a funny glitch that sometimes makes Mario indefinitely fly into the air while standing when he touches the flagpole.



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