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Uncraft World
Seems like Valve forgot to check this game's workshop.
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: PC (Steam)
Release Date: September 25, 2015
Developer: Studio TeamShuriken
Publisher: Studio TeamShuriken
Franchise: Uncraft
Previous Game: Uncraft Me

Uncraft World is a platformer game developed and published by Studio TeamShuriken released on Steam in 2015.

This game, along with Haydee, is notable for having sexually explicit workshop content featured in their Steam Workshop.


You play as a blocky character who wears a jetpack that can only fly for 5 seconds unless you collect stars to recharge it. You jump on various platforms and find the hidden chests in the level to complete it, after which you'll be rewarded with a sexually suggestive image (or a sexually explicit one if the game was modded).

Why It Sucks

  1. The game has been in early access since 2015 and still is as of this writing, while also still having tons of bugs and glitches. It is assumed that the developers just didn't care about their game anymore.
  2. Poor graphics consisting of voxel-based characters and environments, with the exception of the images that you reveal after beating the level, which look like typical anime girls.
  3. Landing on the next platform can be difficult since your character can only fly for 5 seconds, flies in an arc, levels often consist of many narrow platforms, and you have to have perfect timing to land successfully, but...
  4. ...the controls are slippery, which makes landing on platforms fairly difficult unless you tap the opposite direction to stop, which also requires perfect timing.
  5. When your character dies and respawns, it jumps forward automatically, which can result in cheap deaths, especially in later levels.
  6. You can get stuck on many platforms, which will prevent you from moving further, forcing you to restart the level.
  7. Enemies keep showering projectiles all over the place. Some of them are homing projectiles, making landing on narrow areas even more difficult.
  8. No checkpoints in later levels, meaning that If you die at any point, you have to start the level all over again.
  9. To add insult to injury, the framerate occasionally lags, which, combined with the aforementioned issues, makes landing on platforms even more difficult.
  10. The game's sexually suggestive images only work as a gimmick to encourage players to play the game. But, you can extract it from the game's folder without playing the game, making this somewhat worthless.
  11. The images featured in the last two levels (which are frustratingly hard due to all the above-mentioned issues) as rewards are a picture of an anime girl with a head of fish and an anime girl with a head of a hairy man. These seem to be the developer's way of mocking the player for bothering to play the game just so they could see anime girls.
  12. No screen resolution settings, if you've played on any screen resolution that's not 16:9, the screen will not fit.
  13. The game doesn't have any way for the player to view unlocked images after beating the levels at their leisure, meaning the only way to view them is to either take screenshots of them or examine the game's files.
  14. It is one of the only two games (along with Haydee) that features sexual Steam Workshop content (TONS of sexually explicit content, to be exact), but unlike Haydee, Uncraft World's workshop does not contain any age restrictions or warnings about the workshop's mature content. And the worst part, this workshop has been up since 2015 and Valve hasn't done anything about it despite their anti-porn policies, until they eventually allowed porn games to be published in September 2018.
    • This game is one of the few adult games to survive the adult content purging of June 2018, despite the workshop's thumbnails featuring a picture of uncensored anime girls.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The character design looks nice.




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Valve only allowed lewd Steam Workshop mods in this game under conditions that it sbould be cencored on the mod page, no lewd or sexual words are used, and more.

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