Umbrella Corps

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Umbrella Corps
Genre(s): Tactical shooter
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Release date: WW: June 21, 2016
JP: June 23, 2016
Engine: Unity
Developer(s): Capcom
Publisher(s): Capcom
Made in: Japan
Franchise: Resident Evil
Predecessor: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Successor: Resident Evil: Resistance

Umbrella Corps, known as Biohazard: Umbrella Corps (バイオハザード アンブレラコア Baiohazādo Anburerakoa) in Japan, is a multiplayer Resident Evil spin-off developed and published by Capcom for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. It was released worldwide in June 21, 2016 and June 23, 2016 in Japan.


The game is set two years after the events of Resident Evil 6 and 12 years after the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation in 2003.

You play as a mercenary sent to several zombie infested sites to investigate the Umbrella Corporation and uncover its secrets.

Why It Sucks

  1. The camera is extremely close to your character when walking and shooting, and when you aim down the sights, it switches to a first-person view, which can be disorienting. Except for pistols as it just zooms in on the iron sights because you can see a part of the character's head.
  2. The enemies (both players and zombies) are bullet-sponges, which Capcom themselves seem to know because one of the achievements you can earn is titled "100 Bullets, 1 Kill."
  3. Idiotic zombie AI, who will frequently completely ignore your presence until you shoot them or run right into walls when they do notice you.
  4. Guns don't feel satisfying to shoot and are of the standard shooter arsenal (pistol, assault rifle, shotgun).
  5. Drab visuals that makes the game look really cheap.
  6. Terrible optimization with choppy framerate that constantly shifts between 30 and 60 and long loading times.
  7. All of the maps are small and boring and 2 out of the 7 maps are original with the rests being ripped from other Resident Evil titles like the Spain village from Resident Evil 4 and the African village from Resident Evil 5.
    • The maps from those RE titles were also not redesigned for competitive multiplayer either meaning you have to fight in very cramp areas most of the time.
  8. Your character wields his pistol close to his face in a really awkward (and not to mention unsafe) position.
  9. The game does almost nothing with the series lore and any diaries you find in the single-player mode are very poorly written. ("I hate him and his stupid nose!")
  10. The single-player mode itself is dull and repetitive, as you have to play the same types of missions on the same map again and again until the next map is unlocked, after which the cycle repeats. It can also be completed within three hours and aside from a few cosmetic options, there is no reward for beating it. There's 24 stages and all of its objectives are the same 3 objectives:
    • DNA Samples: It involves you just killing the enemies that then drop a sample, which you then do until the criteria is complete.
    • Domination: Is what it sounds like. You capture points while fending off swarms of enemies, which allows the enemies to surround you.
    • Briefcases: This is when the player must commit pseudo-speedrunning methods in order to acquire the cases as quickly as possible. This is the easiest objective since you can run through the entire map and almost never see an enemy.
  11. Some levels will have you complete mission types in tiers and if you fail at any point no matter the tier you have to do it all over again from the first tier.
    • The levels taking place inside the RPD are the worst in this case as the design is very close and compact like the original. They also decided to pay homage to the original game, so when you get to the map they limit your ammo.
  12. It has a cover system, which doesn't make sense in a game with zombies (pretty much all of which are unarmed), and the mechanic itself is awkward to use.
  13. When putting your character in cover you can see how disfigured the character is as his legs are smaller than the rest of his body likely because you don't see his legs most of the time.
  14. The game crashes for some PC players.
  15. The multiplayer was dead upon arrival and is terrible for many reasons.
    • The team balancing system is non-existent. Your team might contain higher or lower leveled players compared to the opposite team.
    • Players are bullet sponges as said in BQ#2.
    • While the game claims to encourage tactical play and teamwork, the matches typically only last for three minutes or less, which, along with the small map size and rampant use of the Brainer, negates any ability or desire to form any type of strategy.
    • The most used weapon in the game (the Brainer) is completely overpowered because it kills enemies in one hit and you move much faster than with a gun. Since you're also a bullet-sponge, you can kill other players with it even if they're shooting you.
  16. It costed $40 upon release, which is way too expensive for its little and repetitive content.
  17. Artificial Difficulty: Mainly due to how low your health is and because of the aforementioned mission tiers.
  18. Shooting zombies in the head is less effective than shooting them in other parts since decapitating their heads causes them to perform a long animation before dying.
  19. You move WAY too fast. The movement animation is also a joke, the mercenaries look like they are skating on the maps. This is even more apparent when crawling.
  20. The mercenaries, who are armed with gas masks and armor, have pretty low hp and can die easily to monster attacks. The mercenaries themselves are also pretty generic and garbage characters and they mostly repeat the same dialogue after obtaining a sample dropped from a monster.
  21. It uses Unity engine instead of the MT Framework (which was used in Resident Evil games dating all the way back to Resident Evil 6) and other more advanced game engines like Unreal Engine. Also, Unity is more suitable for indie games instead of more demanding large scale projects like this.
  22. The only reward you get for completing maps is decals. In fact, completing the game gets you a trailer for the multiplayer. Not kidding.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The gun customization is an interesting idea, even though the Brainer is overpowered.


  • The " Sample Obtained! " line said by mercenaries became a meme after the game's release.


The game received negative reviews upon release, with a Metacritic score of 38/100 for the PS4 version and a 36/100 for the PC version. The criticism directed towards the game's lack of variety, dull gunplay, balancing issues, and dissatisfactory use of the Resident Evil brand.

This is the fifth game that Angry Joe gave a 2/10, with the gun customization as mentioned above being the only reason as to why he gave it a 2/10 instead of a 1/10, and for some reason, the final verdict is offscreen. He also featured it on his list "Top 10 Worst Games of 2016" placing it at #3.

DX featured this on his Worst Games of the Decade video, saying "It's a game so miserable that you couldn't find a lobby on day one" stating that the game borders on unplayable.

It was later considered by many to be one of the worst games of the 2010s.



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