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Ultimate Arena (Triverske)

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This article is about a battle royale simulator made by Triverske.
You may be looking for a first-person shooter game made by AceGamer with the same name.
Ultimate Arena
Unless you want some expensive Steam emojis or want to waste some time, do not buy this game.
Genre(s): Strategy
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: August 23, 2016
Developer(s): Triverske
Publisher(s): Triverske
Series: Ultimate Arena
Successor: Ultimate Arena: Showdown

Ultimate Arena is a strategy game developed and published by Triverske, and released on Steam on August 23, 2016.


Before starting the round, the player has to deploy various characters (who are uncontrollable unless the player drags them to another area on the map) he/she created using the in-game creator (simply just pick an image file to use as the character's avatar and customize their stats) or downloaded from the Steam Workshop, selecting a map, and starting the round.

During the round, the characters may wander around or craft items, when a character meets another character, they may start attacking each other or team up to fight another character. The player may drop mines and health kits on the map to aid any characters he/she like or to kill any characters they want. The last character remaining is the winner of the battle royale.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game is literally just a boring simulation with little interactivity, other than deploying mines and first aid kits, moving characters around, and triggering events which will randomly kill characters in the arena.
  2. No music, and there are only 3 sound effects in the game (a clicking sound, a chirping sound, and a mine explosion sound).
  3. If you're inserting many characters (more than 50, for example) the update log (which shows the events happening during the match) will scroll very fast, making it impossible to read unless you stop the game. You also can't scroll through the update log.
  4. Generally poor graphics. Any images used as a character's avatar may become heavily distorted.
  5. The customisation and content in whole is shallow and basic. While you can change characters stats and even edit their quotes and even the status text, you cannot entirely customise events (cannot make events do beneficial things to characters, change size), create win conditions or give characters weapons. The content also isn't deep enough for the arena itself to be interesting: lack of weapon variety and item types such as armour, no biomes or even loot chests for characters to get items apart from food. The sandbox menu is also quite lacklustre and only has 3 options (which are mentioned at WIS#1).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You can create any characters you want, as you can simply upload a character's image and use it as their avatar.
  2. You can obtain funny and weird Steam emojis by crafting Steam trading cards of this game. Some of them can be sold at a higher price than the actual game (the game sells for $2/£1 while some emojis can be sold for $8/£6).


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