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Ultimate Arena (AceGamer)

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This article is about a first-person shooter game made by AceGamer.
You may be looking for a battle royale simulator made by Triverske with the same name.
Ultimate Arena
Even it using the same name with another entirely-different game, its crappiness is the same.
Genre(s): Online MMO First-Person Shooter
Platform(s): PC (Steam)
Release: 2013 (original demo made by Unity)
2015 (as early access)
September 6, 2016 (as a "full game")
Developer(s): Claudio Torres/Torres Labs (Unity version)
Zeb89 (Kenneth Caselli) & Gianmarco Rocco/Ace Media (Unreal Engine version)
Publisher(s): Ace Media
Country: Italy
Series: Ultimate Arena
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A

Ultimate Arena is an online sci-fi FPS game originally developed by the italian youtuber Zeb89 and his Spanish co-worker Claudio Torres in 2013. After several debacles caused by the general poor quality of the product, the project was shut down and reopened two years later, changing the game engine from Unity3D to Unreal Engine 3 and, later, Unreal Engine 4.

The game was released as an "Early Access" around 2015 by Ace Media (basically, Zeb89 and his new co-worker Gianmarco Rocco), but due to poor reception after developer's hostile actions against criticism, and poor sales, the project was discontinued yet again -it is, however, still available for purchase on the Steam store.

Although it shares the same name with a battle royale simulator published by Triverske, the two games are not related in any way.

Why It Sucks

  1. In spite of running on Unreal Engine, Ultimate Arena shows low quality graphics, specifically:
    • low-poly models;
    • bad lighting effects, bareley discernible shadows and ambient occlusion;
    • low-res textures, some of them taken from some asset stores on internet.
  2. Generally poor sound. The few soundtracks available are very lame and uninspired.
    • There is only one footstep sound, and it's used regardless of what kind of floor you're stepping on, or if you're walking or running. To make this even more ridiculous, if you tap to move your character very sightly, 2-3 footsteps can be heard.
  3. Confusing UI and HUD.
  4. Sluggish controls, the aiming system is incredibly slow (even if you set your mouse sensitivity to ultra high), and the jumping pads barely work.
  5. Poor animations, especially those used to show other players running or walking -there's barely any difference between the two stances.
  6. Only 4 maps are currently available, and all of them look very lame and have horrible design issues such as invisible barriers and poor spawn locations -you can easily spawncamp your opponents, if you remember the spawn points.
  7. Only 12 weapons are featured in the game. Out of those 12 weapons, 10 (including the Lightning Gun) are useless, as they deal ridiculously low amounts of damage, while the rocket launcher and the double shotgun are basically a free kill, thanks to how tight most locations in the 4 maps available are.
  8. The developers won't take any criticism. They banned many users for complaining about the game's problems, and they're also banning any player that somehow manages to kill them in-game.
  9. Heavily overpriced. Back in 2013, the game was sold in three versions, the most expensive one costed 50$, and it was the only version of the game that allowed the player who bought the game to use the in-game chat. The price was dropped to 20$ for the second release and then to 10$ when it was dismissed yet again.


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