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Do not believe what they showed you earlier, or you'll be disappointed, very badly.

Ubisoft Entertainment SA (formerly Ubi Soft Entertainment Software) is a French video game publisher, headquartered in Montreuil, France. It is known for developing and publishing games for several acclaimed video game franchises including Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Just Dance, Prince of Persia, Rayman, Tom Clancy's, Brothers In Arms and Watch Dogs.

Why They Suck Now

  1. False Advertising: Some of their games like Watch Dogs and Tom Clancy's The Division, for unknown reasons, suffered from noticeable graphical downgrades between announcement and release (it is assumed that this is due to limitations of the console versions of their games). A recent example is The Crew 2's trailer, which showed various renditions of famous landmarks in the United States, however, most of these landmarks were either removed or replaced with inaccurate versions at release.
  2. They milk Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Just Dance and pretty much any other series under their wing that has enough popularity and gives them enough money.
  3. They ignore classic franchises like Prince of Persia, Brothers in Arms, and Splinter Cell.
  4. Cancelling some games and shutting down some of their subsidiaries. For example, Rayman 4 was cancelled and Phoenix Studios was shut down (not to be confused with Phoenix Games).
    • They even cancelled Steep for Nintendo Switch on August 2018 out of excitement that they were going to bring new live content and challenges to the other consoles and players instead. They didn’t even bother to tell anyone about it and instead told the person who asked them.
  5. Their service (uPlay) is horrible (mainly on PC, not consoles).
  6. Back then, they cared about fun, gameplay, variety, interesting concepts and story. Now, they mostly care about money, season passes, microtransactions, paid DLC and following the same formulas in their games for the most part. Sometimes they even openly show that they care more about profit than their fanbase.
    • The company has even gone on record to claim that games are a thing of the past and that live services are the future.
    • These days they tend to release upwards of four (sometimes five) separate editions of a single game, starting with Assassin's Creed: Odyssey! The main problem with this shady practice is that the content from digital deluxe and gold editions is separated into ultimate edition, so buying gold edition no longer gives you the content from both, yet digital deluxe and gold editions still have the same prices.
    • Starting with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, their games went up high in the price, also increasing the prices of said editions. And they still have a nerve to force microtransactions and lock some features behind the paywall, which is demonstrated with the same Breakpoint.
  7. Some of their games tend to be prone to glitches, such as Assassin's Creed Unity, which had a ridiculous amount of bugs and glitches at launch.
  8. For many years, they had a bad reputation at E3 for having the most bizarre, cringe-inducing press conferences (fortunately, they broke that tradition in 2017).
  9. When Assassin's Creed Unity was criticized before release due to running at 30 frames per second, Nicolas Guérin, one of the developers, said in an interview by TechRadar that "60 frames per second don't look real, and 30 frames per second were cinematic." The remark was quickly and mercilessly savaged by both gamers and other publishers, and Guérin became a laughing stock amongst the gaming community.
  10. Usually awful online connectivity. The most infamous case in recent memory is For Honor, which used Peer-to-Peer connection that caused horrible lag problems and frequent disconnects. Thankfully, it got an update that added dedicated servers in February 2018.
  11. They have made/published infamous games, such as Charlie's Angels, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Planet Of The Apes, and so on.
  12. They tend to have poor management when it comes to developing games. Because of this, World in Conflict will never see a sequel, since after Ubisoft acquired Massive Entertainment, they decided it would be better for Massive to focus on shooters (currently focused on The Division series), rather than strategy games.
  13. They ruined some of their popular franchises. For example, they turned Rainbow Six into a typical shooter starting with the Lockdown and Vegas sub-series, and then cancelled Patriots and made Siege instead.
    • NOTE: Siege is a great game, but it has little to do with what Rainbow Six should be.
  14. They created a TV show called Rabbids Invasion which was met with a mixed reception mostly leaning on the negative side.
  15. Sometimes they tend to lean towards SJW ways. For example, they altered some historical aspects in Assassin's Creed Origins' Discovery Tour mode for reasons like "not wanting to support sexism of the past" (specifically, showing a class composed of both boys and girls). However, they admitted that this was historically inaccurate.
  16. There was a time where they focused more on the Raving Rabbids franchise and less on the Rayman franchise, which led to people blaming the Raving Rabbids franchise for the decline of the Rayman franchise. Thankfully, they split the two franchises in 2009, letting Rayman reclaim his spotlight in 2011 and 2013 with his new games Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.
  17. They defended loot boxes in Trials Rising, claiming that "If players simply didn't buy these crates, they would not be added into games."
  18. When they made a make your own mission mode in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, they made sure to ban any gamers who make a mission that gives players a faster XP increase (note that they sell XP boosters in the in-game store mind you).
  19. The service of their online store is absolutely awful. Often, it can fail the purchase and sometimes your money will still be taken despite that.There are also some problems that people are not made aware of, such as the system not being able to process more than 7 items in the cart.

Redeeming Qualities

They used to be good and they are still not as bad as many other infamous companies (though some of their greedy practices can even make EA blush), still try to create games with more or less interesting concepts and features, and they can listen to fans. For the redeeming qualities, click on this article on Awesome Games Wiki.





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And now of all things, An sequel to Ghost Recon Wildlands known as Breakpoint is now being called just as bad as The Division when it first dropped in 2015.

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