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Tweenies: Game Time

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Tweenies: Game Time
Tweenies Game Time.jpg
"Bella's Fairy Tale...ale...ale...ale."
Genre(s): Educational
Platform(s): PlayStation
Release: March 30, 2001
Developer(s): Intelligent Games
Publisher(s): BBC Multimedia
Series: Tweenies

Tweenies: Game Time is an educational kids video game released only in Europe in 2001 for the PlayStation. It was developed by Intelligent Games and published by BBC Multimedia. It is based on the edutainment series Tweenies.

This game was re-released by BBC Multimedia as a bundle with Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? in 2003.

Why It's Not The Game To Come and Play

  1. Incredibly creepy 3D models. Max looks nothing like his TV show counterpart.
  2. Frequent glitches: One example is that if you select a minigame before the Tweenie you're playing as says the full minigame name, the line will glitch up, one of the sounds in the line will be repeated, and the game will crash.
  3. There are only four minigames.
  4. More loading screens than actual gameplay for most of the minigames. There is even a glitch where you will get stuck in the loading screen, forcing the player to restart the game!
  5. Extremely poor presentation: aside from bad character models, the FMVs run at a very low frame-rate, and the sound design is horribly bit-crushed. This might be unnecessary because there seems to be a small amount of content meaning those compressions are unneeded for a 600 MB CD.
  6. One puzzle in Bella's Fairy Tale Castle has the player pick the suit of armour that is a different colour from the others, which makes it obvious and clear to see what's the correct one, which is insulting for kids.
  7. It is another example of a shoddily made licensed game that solely exists to capitalize on a popular TV show at the time.
  8. False advertising: The back of the game's box says "Hours of fun!" but you only have four mini-games to play and you can finish them all within five minutes. The only bit where this statement is even true if you were to replay the whole game many times.
  9. Some of the instruments in Milo's Space Race don't even qualify as instruments, let alone be good ones (examples: Bumblebee, Saucepan, Washboard and Rubber Band)
  10. Fizz's Disco looks so gloomy and barely represents a disco other than her and the other character wearing sunglasses, her radio and the coloured lights.
  11. There's an inappropriate typo in Bella's Fairy Tale Castle section when viewing the game in the BBC game index, it says "Help your weenie" instead of "Help your Tweenie". What makes this inappropriate is that 'weenie' is slang for 'penis'.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the puzzles in Bella's Fairy Tale Castle require concentration (example: the puzzle where three chests move after the item is shown).
  2. It feels amusing with the effect when you hit an obstacle in Jake's Dot World.
  3. This game could be considered so bad, it's good.



The DeviantArtist BlakeTehGreat and Caddicarus spawned the "Bella's Fairy Tale...ale...ale...ale." meme from this game.


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