Touring Car Champions

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Not to be confused with the TOCA Touring Car Championship game developed by Codemasters.

Touring Car Champions
NASCAR Racing 09, but add horrible graphics and broken physics together, and this is what you get.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: MS-DOS
Release Date: June, 1997
Developer: Torus Games
Publisher: Virtual Sports Interactive
Made in: Australia

Touring Car Champions is a 1997 racing game based on the Australian Touring Car Championship. It was developed by Torus Games and published by Virtual Sports Interactive for the MS-DOS only in Australia.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game is an ugly hybrid of a racing simulator and a full motion video game, just like Cyclemania, but done worse.
  2. Absurdly broken physics, when you crash to another vehicle, your car will spin around like crazy without slowing down.
  3. Terrible controls, your car has a very sensitive handling and it's really hard to steer it without crashing.
  4. Ugly car sprites.
  5. Screwed up perspective, as if it wasn't worse enough, the cockpit based hud can lead to confusion about your car's position.
  6. Awful collision detection.
  7. Horrendous rubberband AI, they seem to race much faster than you and never get damaged.
  8. You can only overtake your rivals on a curve, as the fmv footage of the track is too slow and you can't go beyond the camera allows.
  9. No sense of speed.
  10. Your car gets damaged too fast, the tires only last one and a half lap before they stop working.
  11. Pit section is a broken mess, it's only an fmv footage of a few seconds where you have no control of anything, to make the things worse, getting into the pit stop will lead you automatically to the last position, even if you are in first place.
  12. Inconsistent title, the title screen says "Touring Car Champions", but in the game menus it says "Touring Car Championship".
  13. The engine sound is ripped from the first NASCAR Racing game.
  14. You can apparently upgrade your car, but most of these upgrades will make no effect.
  15. Only one track (Bathurst) is included.
  16. The quality of the Bathurst footage is really low.



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