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Tony Hawk: Ride

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― Todd Howard
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Tony Hawk: Ride
Tony-Hawk-Ride ps3CVR mb 07.jpg
"One of the most advanced game controllers ever made"? Taking the game it works with into consideration, as Tony Hawk says: RUN!
Platform(s): Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Nintendo Wii
Release: NA: November 17, 2009
EU: December 4, 2009
AU: March 10, 2010
Developer(s): Robomodo
Buzz Monkey Software (Wii)
Publisher(s): Activision
Series: Tony Hawk
Successor: Tony Hawk: Shred

Tony Hawk: Ride is a skateboarding game, and part of the Tony Hawk's franchise. It was published by Activision and was the first game in the series to be developed by Robomodo. It uses a skateboard peripheral as the controller for the game, with the idea being that players can use it to accurately replicate real skateboard movements. The game was released on November 17, 2009 in North America, December 4, 2009 in Europe, and March 10, 2010 in Australia for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii (ported to the latter by Buzz Monkey Software).

Why It Sucks

  1. Movements are often read inaccurately.
  2. You can't play the game without the board peripheral. In other words, if you bought the game but not the board peripheral, you wouldn't be able to play it until you buy the board peripheral!
  3. Poorly designed user-interface, as you have to use a standard controller to proceed when you set a high score on the leaderboards.
  4. Long loading times.
  5. Poor graphics.
  6. An excessive amount of in-game product placement.
  7. Questionable collision detection.
  8. Wonky camera.
  9. Small skating areas.
  10. Isn't friendly to those new to skateboarding.
  11. A large number of tricks from previous Tony Hawk's games are missing.
  12. Some tricks in the game do not have any videos to cover them, meaning you'll have to figure them out yourself.
  13. It cost $120 when it was new.
  14. Challenge mode is virtually unplayable on any difficulty except Casual due to how difficult it is to steer the board.
  15. Bare-bones multiplayer mode.
  16. Cutscenes with forced acting and weird visual style.
  17. Sensitivity inboard can vary from overly sensitive to not sensitive enough.
  18. Robomodo never bothered releasing a patch that would allow players to play the game with a standard controller.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The idea of making a motion based skating game is a good idea, yet executed badly; it could have been even better if it was optional.
  2. The Skateboard design looks cool at least.


Tony Hawk: Ride received generally negative reviews upon release, and has the third lowest Metacritic score of all Tony Hawk's games (the second and first lowest scoring games being Tony Hawk's Motion and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, respectively). Ride has a Metascore of 44, 46, and 47 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii versions respectively, and was regarded as the worst Tony Hawk's ever made until it was dethroned by the aforementioned Pro Skater 5 (and hardly anyone knew about Motion).

Activision themselves knew of the game's poor quality, as no review copies were sent out to anyone, meaning they had to buy the game themselves (with a price tag of $120).

To further accentuate the arrogance of the publisher, Tony Hawk's response to the reception was the following: "Most snarky critics had their minds set before ever seeing/playing the game. I'm proud of what we created; it's innovative, responsive & fun".



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