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Tonic Trouble

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Tonic Trouble


This gets me drunk!
Protagonist(s): Ed the Alien
Genre(s): Action-adventure
Platform(s): Nintendo 64
Microsoft Windows
Game Boy Color
Release: Nintendo 64
NA: August 31, 1999
EU: October 24, 1999

Microsoft Windows
NA: December 6, 1999
Game Boy Color
EU: 2000
Engine: Ubisoft OpenSpace
Developer(s): Ubi Soft Montreal
RFX Interactive (GBC)
Publisher(s): Ubi Soft
Country: Canada

Tonic Trouble is an action-adventure video game developed by Ubi Soft Montreal and published by Ubi Soft for the Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Color.

Bad Qualities

  1. Bland gameplay that consist in completing boring levels and take all collectibles.
  2. The story isn't the best: mainly Ed makes a mistake that causes a catastrophe on Earth, so with the help of his friends he will have to fix everything. Who knows how many times we have heard a similar plot in many media.
    • The same story makes Ed look like the main antagonist rather than a leading hero.
      • The main protagonist, Ed, and the other characters have limbs detached from their body like Rayman, so the developers don't have to animate their arms and legs, which is pure laziness.
  3. Uninteresting characters.
  4. Terrible camera that will give you the last nerve.
  5. The enemies can be very difficult to defeat, because their high waist and their high speed.
  6. There's no soundtrack. the only sounds that you can hear are Ed's footsteps, various annoying enemies' verses and other things.
  7. The idea about the "unidentified liquid" remembers too many the doping and the other drugs, that's inappropriate for a game designed for children. For examples: after drinking it, Ed can get strong and muscular and other creatures get weird and get superpowers out of thin air.
  8. Uninspiring ending.
  9. A lot of bugs and glitches.
  10. The Special edition, which was made before the N64 version is incomplete.

Good Qualities

  1. Good controls, despite the bad camera.
    • On this topic, Ed have a decent moves and action sets, like swimming, climbing and others.
  2. The Windows version can be considered the best because the game's graphics are less pixelated and there are fewer technical issues.


Tonic Trouble received mixed reviews from critics and players alike, who welcomed the controls, scoring and some level designs, but criticizing the rest, from the camera to the absence of a soundtrack.


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