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Tomato Way

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Tomato Way
Tomato Way.jpg
This is not the way.....
Platform(s): Steam
Release: December 7, 2016
Developer(s): Vlad Castillo
Publisher(s): Vlad Castillo
Country: Ukraine
Series: Tomato Way
Successor: Tomato Way 2

Tomato Way is a 2016 horror/action game created by Vlad Castillo released on Steam.

Why It Went the Wrong Way

  1. Absurd premise for a survival horror game. It's comparable to Druuna: Morbus Gravis.
  2. On that, the story is just as absurd, often with no explanation of what's going on. Even the Steam page have difficulty explaining the story, being written in Engrish.
  3. The visuals are disgusting. The best model (as in, the only one that's actually bearable) in the game is the tomato you play as. The thief character in the beginning of the game looks like his skin has cracked and he has the worst facial animations possible. Also, it is way too dark.
  4. Bad voice acting. Even though it's in Ukrainian, non-Ukrainian speaking people can tell that the voice acting is bad.
  5. Strange control layout. You reload the gun by pressing the right mouse button, when it is actually standardized to be that the right mouse button is to fire your weapon. Also, you need to press Q to throw a grenade, which is easy to accidentally press and potentially waste grenades or worse, kill yourself. Right clicking with the hammer will throw it away.
  6. The fork melee weapon is horrible.
  7. The guns that are obtainable, the double barrel shotgun and sub-machine gun, hardly have any ammo, often spawning in the world in small quantities in addition to enemies dropping no ammo. This means that most of the time you'll be using the fork and/or the hammer, both which aren't that good to begin with. Explosive weapons have bad range and splash radius, rendering them ineffective, with the exception of the Molotov cocktail.
  8. Enemies make no sound, meaning enemies can deal damage to the player without feedback of taking damage until the player notices it and turns around.
  9. No feedback nor explanation of what the player picks up, meaning that the player can pick up items without knowing what they do nor what they are.
  10. Some enemies are hard to kill, most notably the giant pickle enemies, which can take a lot of damage to kill.
  11. Bugs and glitches, ranging from bad frame-rate count, to bad hit-detection.
  12. The game economy sucks, where money is hard to find and every death takes away money, meaning that most of the game, you won't buy anything from the mushroom merchant.
  13. The developer stole gameplay of the game from Heartrocker, a Thai youtuber with over 9 million subscribers and used it as the second Steam trailer.



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