Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (PlayStation)

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Play the original PC port, or Rogue Spear (both PC or PlayStation), or the new Rainbow Six games instead. They're much better than this awfulness.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six was first released for the PC in 1998, the first game in a long-running series of highly successful tactical first-person shooters. Developed and published by Red Storm Entertainment, the game was ported a year later to the PlayStation by Rebellion. It was also one of the 20 games included on the Playstation Classic.

Why The PS1 Version Sucks

  1. Terrible graphics, worse than early PlayStation games.
  2. The textures on the models are hideously deformed.
  3. The character animation is poor.
  4. The color palette is low.
  5. Levels are so poorly designed that enemies frequently blend into the background, making it difficult to shoot.
  6. Ridiculously poor enemy AI. If you strafe, they don't shoot at you, except if you stop strafing, and on hard difficulty, they kill you immediately.
  7. Inconsistent briefings: some levels have incorrect time of day when you get to the actual level.
  8. Low frame-rates.
  9. Lots of bugs and glitches, with your operative frequently getting stuck in doors or being forced to crouch to get through a normal-sized door opening.
  10. The option to plan out missions manually, a major feature of the PC version, is removed.
  11. No multiplayer or co-op modes.
  12. Missing briefing dialogues.
  13. The PlayStation Classic version has an error that basically makes it unplayable.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It uses the same soundtrack and sound effects as the PC version.
  2. Not only it's based upon the original game, the Eagle Watch missions are also included.
  3. Despite being an early console first-person shooter, the controls are decent.
  4. It's the only Rainbow Six game before Rainbow Six 3 that shows the weapon being held in the player's hands.



IGN gave it a 3.9 out of 10 and GameSpot a 3.7 out of 10.