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Titus Interactive

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Titus Interactive
"The original cartoon fox that gave gamers nightmares!"
Founded: 1985
Defunct: January 9, 2005
Founder(s): Eric Caen
Hervé Caen
Headquarters: Lagny-sur-Marne, France
Divisions: BlueSky Software
Digital Integration
Avalon France
Avalon Interactive
EyeOne A/S
Interplay Europe
PronostiX S.A.
Sofra Jeux
Titus Interactive Studio
Titus Japan K.K.
Titus Software Corporation
Titus Software UK Limited

Titus Interactive SA (formerly Titus France SA) was a French video game company who developed and published games for multiple platforms. Founded in 1985 and filed for bankruptcy in January 9, 2005, with their last game being RoboCop, based on the film series of the same name.

Notable games

Why They and Most of Their Games Sucked

  1. They pretty much used Titus the Fox as their company logo and they never gave him a sequel, they pretty much named the game after themselves (originally, the Titus the Fox game starred Moktar, a stereotypical Arab character by French comedian Lagaf. He was replaced in localization).
  2. When they were working on Superman 64, Eric Caen said in an interview that he didn't want to add rings for the entire game, but due to executive meddling from Warner Bros., they were forced to add them into the game, causing many problems, that they are completely innumerable.
    • They were originally going to release the game onto the PlayStation as well, but the licensing rights from Warner Bros technically expired, making them unable to release it.
  3. Their games mostly suffer from atrocious hit detection that's always biased against the player for example on Superman on the Game Boy or Top Gun: Combat Zones.
  4. Many of their games also sported ugly graphics specially the ones on the Nintendo 64 and RoboCop.
  5. Most of them also had really shallow and dirt simple gameplay for example in Xena: Warrior Princess.
  6. Bad Level design that never tell you what to do, follows moon logic, or is pure filler, for example on Superman 64 or Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.
    • The levels of their games also lack checkpoints, making them more frustrating, for example RoboCop.
  7. Abominable controls in to the point of being a nightmare to play. The most notable being Superman 64.
  8. Unbalanced difficulty, for example their RoboCop game with extremely easy parts, and others where enemies can kill you in one or two hits.
  9. Their games, especially on the Nintendo 64, have massive amounts of glitches. For example the glitched Sniper Mode when fighting the Titan in Hercules, failing to unlock cars in Carmageddon 64 or the glitched final level on Superman 64.
  10. The physics in their games are a disaster, most notable on Carmageddon 64.
  11. They were also terrible at porting games, for example Prince of Persia 2 for the Super Nintendo or their Carmageddon 64, which could easily be called the second worst game of the Nintendo 64.
  12. Poor frame rate that screws the game, with the most notable example being Superman 64.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. They published some good games, like Incredible Crisis, Worms World Party, Evil Zone, Crazy Cars III, and the Prehistorik series.



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