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Accurate name! Also WTF?!

Titenic (sic) is a bootleg game broken into two modes named Hacker and Heroine loosely based off James Cameron's Titanic movie, developed by the Hummer Team. The game was first known to be on a bootleg multicart game called "ABAB 3-in-1," but was later found on another bootleg multicart called the "Super New Year Cart 15-in-1."


Hacker is the version of the game where you play as Jack. Heroine is the version where you play as Rose. The game is largely a 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up where the levels all take place inside the ship itself. The goal is to get through all the levels, defeating a boss at the end before the ship sinks. The stages and a few actions performed resemble scenes from the movie.

Why It Sucks

  1. There is no reason for the modes to be named Hacker and Heroine
  2. Very poor grasp of the source material.
  3. The graphics are okay, but glitch often. Sometimes this is caused by crouch attacks.
  4. Even basic enemies can take multiple hits to defeat.
  5. The controls are good, but it has odd hit detection.
  6. Special attacks can drain your health.
  7. When playing as Rose, you have a time limit for each level after the first.
  8. In some versions of the game the first level is impossible to complete due to a stack of crates/luggage that's too big to jump over
  9. So many typos!


  • In the source code of the game, this is referred to as TITANIC. Meaning the misspelling was intentional, probably because of copyright.


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