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Time Lord

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Time Lord
Brought to you by the same developers behind the Donkey Kong Country series, and it's a total flop.
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Nintendo Entertainment System
Release: NA: September 1990
EU: 1991
Developer(s): Rare
Publisher(s): The Milton Bradley Company

Time Lord is an action-platforming game developed by Rare and published by The Milton Bradley Company in September 1990 in North America, and in Europe in 1991. This game has received mostly negative reviews.


It is the year 2999, and warriors from the planet Drakkon are launching a savage attack on Earth. Their weapon: a powerful time travel device. Their objective: to control us by changing the course of our history. To win this war, we must meet the Drakkons on a unique and dangerous battleground: our own past![1]

Why It’s a Waste of Time

  1. The controls are very atrocious, even by 1990 principles.
    • For example, you can't even run at all. Sound familiar?
    • Also, the controls are very stiff, making you vulnerable to multiple hits by enemies.
  2. Unfair enemies: When you're on the ground, you can't even fight off the incoming bombs that are thrown at you from above, making it easy for you to take damage.
    • For some reason, when you move forward, enemies will suddenly appear from the border of the game and attempt to attack you.
  3. When you get a game over, you don't get any continues at all, which is unacceptable, even for a game published by the Milton Bradley Company. Instead, it takes you directly to the leaderboards, which is pretty common in games that are meant for the arcades at the time.
  4. Terrible graphics that look like they were made in Microsoft Paint, especially when you count the colors in this game.
  5. Nonsensical storyline: You go back in time to prevent the aliens from altering time, but here's where the problems become even more problematic.
    • Why are the pirates, cowboys, and knights even in the game to begin with?!
    • If the objective is to stop the aliens from conquering the human race, then why bother fighting enemies that have nothing to do with aliens and just take out the final boss beforehand?
  6. The time-limit until January 1, 3000 is absolutely abysmal.
    • Get this: Once it reaches January 1, 3000, the planet gets blown up and the game ends, pretty much insulting the players in the process.
  7. Bland ending: After you defeat the final boss, you are redirected to a wall of text saying "You have saved the Earth and driven the evil aliens from our planet.".


  • This game was poorly received by critics and gamers alike.


  • This game is one of many side projects that Rare has developed for the Milton Bradley Company at the time.



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