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Tiger Electronics was well known for producing a large amount of handheld standalone games, which were based on existing franchises from gaming, TV series, movies, etc. These games work very similarly to a Game & Watch. Each one has a printed imagine behind a clear screen with a large number of static images. These light up individually to simulate movement during gameplay.

Why They Sucked

  1. Quantity over Quality: rather than making one functional game at the time, Tiger Electronics mass-produced a lot of games.
  2. There's almost no grasp of the source material that each game is based after.
  3. No backlight feature, which makes playing difficult during night or dark places.
  4. It barely shows any gameplay, and the replay value is almost non-existent.
  5. The wristwatch versions are even less playable, for how tiny the buttons and the screen are.
  6. Most games play almost the same, no matter how different it is.
    • In fact, the sound is nothing but static beeps.
  8. The screen is difficult to look at. And adding WIS#3, it becomes even more difficult.
  9. Awkward button layouts. Often they are counter-intuitive to what one would expect from a handheld game.
  10. Poor durability, which causes any game to cease functioning because they don't age well.
  11. Very primitive technology was used to make the games.
  12. Though they are much cheaper than the Game Boy, most of them are extremely low-quality adaptions from films, TV shows, and even home console games. James Rolfe (as the AVGN) called them "The Poverty Version" of the Game Boy as a result.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. They took fewer batteries than the Game Boy, only taking two AA batteries as opposed to four.

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