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Tibia scandal in Poland

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An infamous sensationalizing scandal towards Tibia took place in Poland, mainly in 2007, and lasted for almost three whole years on said country. It is about the Polish press media deeming Tibia itself the responsible for an unfortunate incident of video game addiction.


Tibia is a German RPG first released in 1997, and while it is unknown when exactly it first arrived to Poland, it can be said that it was pretty soon due to both countries being close to each other. In 2006 and 2007 Tibia erupted in popularity, becoming the most popular MMORPG game in Poland due to it's accessibility i.e. the game was being free-to-play and compatible with outdated hardware. A great portion of the 10-16 years old Polish gamer was playing it at the time, causing it to become a synonym of a bad and cheap game.

In the year 2006, a Tibia player from the city of Wrocław attacked his mother with a chair after she turned off his computer, causing her to die. Polish media, especially the left-wing TV station TVN used this event as a material for SJW propaganda, calling Tibia a "virtual drug" and dangerous game. An infamous TV report was made by TVN, describing Tibia players as the epitome for addicted gamers. The subject got so exaggerated, that other stories - this time made-up - started to emerge in Poland, going as far as becoming urban legends.

Tibia users started selling their characters for large prices on, a Polish Ebay-like portal, and reports about addiction started to grow until the year of 2010. Afterwards, the entire rucus around the game died out, with it's legacy remaining forever in Polish internet culture.


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