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The Zoo Race

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The Zoo Race
May God forgive this game, but we won't!
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: September 3, 2007
Developer(s): Cougar Interactive
Publisher(s): Cougar Interactive
Country: United States
Series: Noah's Adventures
Predecessor: Noah's Adventures

The Zoo Race (also known as The Zoo Race: Noah's Adventures 2 on the title screen) is a 2007 racing game developed and published by Cougar Interactive. Just like its predecessor Noah's Adventures, is mostly based on Noah's Ark.

The game got a cult following after several reviewers such as Caddicarus, Brutalmoose, JonTron, CallMeKevin, Markiplier and others played the game on their channels, which bolstered the game's notoriety.


After the librarian makes fun of her friend, Reuben, for reading Noah's Ark, she starts to dream, and in that dream, her friends are turned into animals that are participates in the "Race Games of Celebration" after the world flooded.


The player can choose between 8 animals, and enter a race where they use the arrow keys to move while using to mouse to turn the camera, and in the courses, there are food to eat for a speed boost and obstacles the animals have to avoid, such as exploding barrels, rockets, barriers, glass walls etc.

Why It Intentionally Sucks

  1. Appalling graphics for a PC game released in 2007, the graphics look like a they Look a generation console PlayStation 2 or Nintendo GameCube more than a game released in 2007, with most of the textures looking poorly rendered and low-res, almost Wikipedia images levels of resolution, the amount of polygons on the models are absurdly high, and the human models look very bland and look like default models from the Unity Store, and compared to Noah's Adventures, there is almost no improvement whatsoever.
    • The visuals are also appalling and are bland, with the tress and other objects looking like low-res 2D images, the environments looking like barren wastelands, and the water in the stages looking like plain water from a shovelware Steam game.
  2. Horrible controls that sometimes makes it hard to even run on a straight line, firstly, this game uses the arrow keys to control the character, which doesn't feel right compared to other games, which use WASD keys for movement, secondly, the left and right arrow keys turn your character, but the turning is so sensitive, you'll end up smacking yourself into the walls when trying to turn, and thirdly, you move the mouse to move the camera, standard stuff, but combined with the turning controls, you'll be constantly switching between the arrow keys and mouse, which is very disorienting.
  3. Poor voice acting, with most of the actors not even trying with their roles and sounding more like robots or text to speech programs more than actual humans.
  4. Awful MIDI music, with most of the soundtrack for this game sounding like off-key MIDI Christian rock music, and most of the instruments used for the songs feel like they have been poorly edited in a music editing program made in the late 90’s more than the late 2000s.
  5. Hilariously awful animations, even for a game released in 2007.
    • The animals move like electronic toys more than actual animals running, and it gets worse by the time they speed boost, which looks hilariously awful, especially with the sound effect that plays when you’re swimming in the water, also, when they get hit, all they do is spas out for a few frames, then continue on like nothing just happened.
    • The humans in the opening cutscene have worse animation than the animals, with Reuben’s and Hannah’s animation looking so stilted, they feel like they have arthritis, and there are a few times where the models clip through each other, such as when Reuben's crossing his arms, his arms do the weirdest arm crossing ever, and the background characters in the same cutscenes do nothing other than walk back and forth as if they were trying to hold in a big pee.
    • The Creature Party mode is the most noticeable when it comes to bad animations, with most of the animals dancing in a strange way and sometimes randomly turning for a few times for no discernible reason, and Noah doesn’t move or do anything in the mode, all you get do with him is click them, then he spins, and goes back to being still and not move.
  6. Heavy amounts of anachronism, despite this being said to take place after the flood, a lot of the obstacles like bomber planes, explosive barrels, rockets, and cannons are used in the races, but were never actually invented back in the day after the flood happened, which was a thousand years ago, also, some of the food the animals eat never actually existed in that time period, such as burgers, donuts, bananas and melons.
  7. Horrendous sound effects, especially the glass shattering sound, which doesn’t like a glass smashing sound effect and instead sounds more like scraping a broken piece of glass on a metal surface, the other sound effects are also poor, like the generic animal sounds and the running sound effect, which sound like stock sound effects.
    • On top of that, the sound effects aren’t properly designed either, with most of them playing just whenever they feel like playing, with most of them playing one second after the thing that happened, like being shot out of a cannon.
  8. The amount of glitches in this travesty is as much stars in the galaxy, with this game being so broken, that it feels like it was never play tested at all.
    • Sometimes, your character can jump it's way up to the top of the roof that closes off the out of bounds area, and your character can enter limbo if you discover this glitch.
    • There's an unintentionally funny glitch with the controls where if you hold down the right click in the mouse, you can constantly speedboost all the time, making the races much easier to win, and making the AI seem like a joke.
    • Sometimes, before starting the race, the sound effect for God saying "GO!" can come at a delayed time, such as around one to three seconds after the race has already started.
    • The animals can sometimes get snagged onto the top of the walls when going down, and sometimes get stuck on the floor when you are speed boosting, also when going down, you can look like you're being dragged down a Minecraft hill.
  9. It can't decide what setting it wants to be. While the game takes place after the flood in Noah’s Ark, which is a story in the Bible. There are some instances where it feels like it's mocking the Bible, such as the uses of anachronism as mentioned above, but also portraying Reuben as a childish idiot to Hannah because he likes the Bible, and Hannah just mocks Reuben just because he reads the Bible.
  10. For some reason, a lot of the courses have flags that say stuff like ‘God Cares’, ‘Praise’ and ‘Salmon’, with the flag designs looking so lazily put together to where it would make a MS Paint drawing made in a minute look like Mona Lisa.
  11. While the game does quotes from the Bible, they sometimes use quotes that have zero relevance to what goes on the game, such as when the game uses a quote from John 3:16, but what goes on is during the ending ceremony for when one of the animals win a race.
  12. For some reason, the game icon on the desktop is a blue circle with a yellow X on it, not only does it have nothing to with the main game, which is about zoo animals racing, but it also looks lazy and a random image one of the developers threw in.
    • But the reason why this game uses that icon is that the game uses the DirectX engine, used for platforms by Microsoft like Windows and Xbox, however, this doesn’t excuse the laziness to change the icon to something related to either the Bible or the animals racing.


  • The game started to get an ironic fanbase after popular YouTubers played the game back in the mid 2010s, mostly due to the absurdity of the game.



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